Some time ago, under the “double temptation” of colleagues and friends, planting a grass massage chair for a long time, and I also said that new home can stay, I can finally complete a wishes to add a massage chair at home.

The elephant chooses the proud OS-880 massage chair, and now it should be the third generation. This is also an old family who has a good monument. Several friends are recommended for this model. For the old broad speech, Liu Tianwang’s long-term endorsement “Tianguo Chair” made proudly became the first choice for massage chairs in the heart.


I am very simple for the massage chair. First of all, it is the mainstream price. If the price is too low, I will put it asy, and I can’t afford it, so the price is controlled in the price range of around 10,000 yuan. .

In addition, it is comfortable to have a massage. I don’t doubt it in this point. Because I tried it before my colleague, the massage effect was comparable to the real massage. Although I used it once, it is unforgettable. Finally, the appearance should look good, just see that the proud OS-880 has a relatively young Makarone blue, I really like this color, there should be a “powder blue”, in fact, it can be understood that it is pink, and the little princess should prefer.


But individuals still prefer this blue, with beige leather lining, proud OS-880 looks cleared, this is the young man chooses a massage chair.


Playing the first impression:

The volume of proud OS-880 is not very large, and the normal size room can be put down, it should be noted that the door width of the bare metal needs to be greater than 74cm. In addition, under normal sitting, the length of the proud OS-880 has 127cm, but the wall is placed, it needs to consider the space that is completely put on, which is about 188cm, which is to leave 61 cm or more.


However, as long as the space is good, the master will deliver the goods. The next is to open the box, only need to plug the power, press the switch, you can use the remote control to start using it.

Take a little attention to you, you can find that the proud OS-880 has designed a place specializing in the remote control in the side. It is very convenient to get it.

The way to adjust the proud OS-880 parameters is to pass this remote control, all common functions have shortcuts, and basic common functions can be used to turn on / switches.

Basically, you can start to enjoy the massage here. The overall design logic is very simple, no need to assemble, no learning costs, basically get your hand, you can start massage.


Featured massage experience:

In addition to the young colorful design, the proud OS-880 also has a very powerful hardware configuration, with a long SL four rail, which can be covered from the head to the thigh.


It is because the proud OS-880 has a long rail, so unique “yoga tensile” action can be completed, there is a whole body stretch or Thai pulling, etc., can be static stretching muscles.

At the same time, proud V-hand massage is also a unique existence of the industry. This proud OS-880 is used on the fourth-generation V hand technology, 4 hand + V hand massage. This fourth-generation V mobile phone core can be made, pull, grasp, pinch the action, can be comparable to the real person in the massage experience.

There is no river feeling in massage, the whole liping moves are very smooth, 4-hand + V hand’s luxury configuration can truly enjoy the happiness of live massage, relax the muscles of the tired day.

Of course, there are also less music when massaging, but the audio of the proud OS-880 can not only put music, with the exclusive help of the proud exclusive dream, can let the dream music, cooperate with physical massage, who come together Will not sleep.


In addition to sleeping, it has also been found in the use of the proud OS-880, which can adjust the back hot compress, and the adjustment temperature can be controlled between 39 ° C to 45 ° C, which is simply a winter artifact.


As for the arms and legs, the foot is all in consideration, and the arm has a balloon assisted massage. The number of airbags in proud OS-880 is very considerable. Basically, the parts are involved. It is like a common shoulder, and the arm has a balloon massage.


As for the legs and foot massage of the proud OS-880, there is a “handle kneading plate” on both sides of the legs, while there is a scraping wheel on the foot, and then the legs and the legs and The full level has a maximum relaxation.


At the same time, the massage area of ​​the entire leg and the foot can extend very flexible, whether in conjunction with “Yoga Tensile” or other massage procedures, the flexible design can be matched with a variety of different massages.


In the daily leg massage, the calf is very tight, the massage experience of the kneading plate is also very wonderful, and it will not be blunt, and the overall program is very in place.


As a massage chair who started from themselves, the experience brought by the proud OS-880 massage chair is very value, as the main series of pride, indeed cost performance. Like a patented V hand massage, or proudly helps the exclusive dreams and yoga, you can experience it on the proud OS-880, you can get a very complete massage experience.

At the same time, in some small details, the proud OS-880 also didn’t have a slight, like the back hot compress, legs and foot massages, which are easy to neglect. However, proud OS-880 considers thoughtful, of course, of course, beautiful design and high-quality workmanship also returns to the fare, it is finally a dream of having a massage chair, a very pleasant shopping experience.

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