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La Chapelle Lamelle has been known as “China Edition ZARA”, and there were nearly 10,000 stores during the peak period, and now because of debt burden and operational stress, the brand has been applied for bankrupt, about 9,000 in three years ~

Recently, after the news of La Chamel bankruptcy, the stores of major platforms have also done finally.

“discount promotion”,


For example, the brand Taobao flagship store has poured 40,000 people, and the Suning flagship store has released a large number of 700-600 yuan, Jingdong also released exclusive large coupons for different items.

In 1998, La Chambel was from Shanghai’s classic. For many girls, “Raise Bell” in the wardrobe is the memory of youth, whether it is quality or a style, has been worthy of boasting. This clearance promotion also has to increase the amount of store orders, and the fans of Taobao official store also reach tens of millions. I don’t know if this clearance will be improved.


Xiaobian also gave a few worths of bought, and there were many cotton clothes 100 to buy hands, whether they worn, or a child who sent relatives to relatives in the New Year.


– cotton clothes –

Style recommended: tooling Pike

This cotton clothing uses a handsome tooling version, doing work skills, the plush inner and warm inner, the wind is complicated, and the hooded style is equipped with a thick and smooth big fur collar, the whole has a good type, from the clothes In the conception of the cuffs, the shoulders, it will be concave and can be concave out of various good-looking shapes.


Style recommended: riser cotton clothes

This cotton clothing uses a simple base version of the design, the shoulder sleeve modified shoulder type, the tight cuff and the zipper door strength lock temperature, the establishment of the wind and warmth, the necklace cotton, the upper body is relaxed, refuses to be bloated.

Style recommended: loose cotton clothes

This cotton clothing is designed with a bread version, thick and full, cotton padding reaches 96%, the body is seamless lock temperature setting, even if the winter can be warm, stand-alone and press the buckle, color gentle temperament To add a playful feeling for the winter in winter.

-down jacket-


Style recommended: knee down jacket


I am afraid that the cold star’s exclusive long down jacket, warm and thin, zipper + button double door, warm and fashionable, hooded big fur collar design, oblique pocket, tighten the wind-proof cuffs, filled with a full large ducklings, Give you 360 ° warmth care ~


Style recommended: light down jacket


In addition to the long down jackets of the whole body, you need a lightweight, jacket version, a jacket, a set collar, and a lightweight, choose 90% of the white duck, lightweight.

Style recommended: bread down jacket

Short paragraph is not compressed, the small mm is very friendly, the light dish buckle decoration, the literary elegant, the grain is designed, bonded to the neck, 90% containing a white duck fleece, fluffy and gentle, Warm is comfortable.

-woolen coat-


Style recommended: silhouette coat


Loose Oversize’s version, suitable for all body, small children can also wear special models, narcles, simple air, dragon and phoenix, classic reflection, comfortable.

– Knitting sweater –


Style recommended: hooded coat

Every season in Spring and Autumn Festival has its figure, loose casual version, back print, hooded style, start with BGM, cotton fabric, upper body skin comfort

This sharing is here first, Raise Bell except cotton clothes, down jackets, sweats, casual pants, dress, etc. Still very sad, Xiaobian also wants to buy some classics, if you want to share your classic shoes, come and participate in the contribution activity worth buying # 我 爱 经 款 #, have a cumulative text Award, there are more large E cards waiting for you! ! ! Clothing list, real people, pick up the box … There are a lot of selection issues, lighter to participate ~


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