According to Urban Civilization on “further regulate” Tianjin good “candidatures submitted notice” requirement, Xiqing District Civilization Office recommended through grass-roots, and other aspects of the trial to determine the sub-Nan Liang, Song Deling 2 people in November 2021, “Tianjin good” candidate, is to be publicized. Public from November 5 – November 6, a total of two days.

During the publicity, if any objections or find the problem, please report it by telephone Civilization West Green area.

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Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office of West Green area

November 4, 2021

November 2021 list of the “Tianjin good” candidate Xiqing District

Helping others:

Nan Liang Asian, female, Han nationality, born in June 1977, the current “Xiqing District, Tianjin Star Love Dream public service center” director, starting in 2013 has been committed to charity care for autistic children. Under her leadership, as of October 2021 the nonprofit group have long been helping 378 families. In August 2021 that an autistic child Peas mother died, relatives unable to raise when she called caring people, its handling of the funeral, helping children handle the formalities, taking into account the child’s special needs at night to accompany situation, Nan Liang Asia launch of parents around together with other volunteers financing rented a level of more than 500 houses, Tianjin as the first mental disabilities dormitory.

For the meaning of life, it is to give people more is respect. But she has redefined the meaning of life – hope ( “the child from the stars” – autistic children).

2013 fall, by chance, Asia Nan Liang came to Enoch autistic children’s rehabilitation center [1], several children came around from time to time to ask some “special” issue. “Do you like black house?”, “Is not I should not have made strange noises, right?”, “Can I hold your hand?” She can be patient and sincere to answer every child raised problem. Staff thought she was someone “Star treasure” parents. Later he learned that she is a volunteer.

Fleeting, in 2013 it has been for eight years, from a volunteer to sponsor public service organization, eight years, most of the sound around, “you are so young not to do work”, “This is a bottomless pit,” “You got to help you can not help a whole, “” you think about things lifetime of happiness. ” Faced with these, sub-Nan Liang always smiled, “meaning everyone has existed, and the meaning of my existence is to make these kids feel this world better,” she said.

The meaning of life or weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather, different people look at this statement on behalf of attitude towards life. Nan Liang Asia and there is a desire to extremely heavy. Her tiny body, hold up the kids love hope of the world; her simple actions, ignite many families longing for life.

August 2021, there is a child’s parents, passed away, funeral up a lot of this “circle” of friends. She is a 40-year-old single mother, hypertension, diabetes, epilepsy, as well as some of the complications of diabetes, as if the earth were unfortunate to give up on her. More regrettable is that in early 2021 she was diagnosed with advanced stage IV breast cancer. When informed of the condition, the mother said simply, “I want to live, to spend more time with children even for one day,” but it did not, in August she never left. Her family is very special, 90-year-old mother in poor health, life can not take care of themselves, a more than 50-year-old brother, no formal work, the only source of income is subsistence allowances, as well as a 14-year-old autistic son – beans bean.

Some sub-Nan Liang called her friends and the community who love, for her handling of a simple funeral. Later Liang Nan Asia to accompany the mother’s brother in the community signed a “give up custody Peas” relevant evidence. Nan Liang Asia can understand his difficulties, there is a 90-year-old mother with limited mobility, and now a “autistic nephew,” he did not have the energy and ability to care for their children.

People around helpless relatives of sympathy, compassion also quite young children lost their loved ones, under the scorching sun, Nan Liang Asia back already bleached black backpack, the Civil Affairs Bureau, the community, street, do not know the situation of people thought she was. ” running the business “, yes, she was” running the business “, she is running Peas aid procedures. She could not bear to be translated into action, she will sympathize into power, she will feel bad into a “rescue.”

In this way, Liang Nan Asia with Peas came to the Sunshine Creek Court show workshop, this “factory” is the first in March 2019 by the CDPF West Green, West Green Civil Affairs Bureau commissioned, and a US Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Tianjin with building family assistance employment stations, though not much, but received strong support from the community Creek Court show, has been caring people to help the community. Nan Liang Asia Peas hope to be here through daily training, enabling the ability to master certain skills and independent living, improve the social, voice communication, coordination of hands and brain capacity.


As the sun Creek Court show workshop is only responsible for day care, night escort Peas become a problem. Taking into account the special circumstances Peas, but also to realize the idea of ​​Nan Liang Asia “double pension” (pension both the parents and children), and under her efforts, together with other volunteers mobilize parents around the site together, raise funds, hire under a level of more than 500 houses, Tianjin as the first mental disabilities dormitory. After intense preparation, ushered in the first dormitory occupancy partners Peas, Peas healthy now in dormitory teacher’s love and care to grow.

Eight years, Liang Asia Nan always adhere to the enthusiastic public dedication, adhere to a comprehensive “groups”, adhere to the creativity of the future, adhere to “children” who sense of responsibility, the same way as with that as a beginner’s mind, she launched Star Love dream-profit organization, as of now, the nonprofit group has long-term help 378 families.

From 2016 to 2021, Stars love Dream in Asia, led by Liang Nan public has been highly recognized Xiqing District, was named the West Green area of ​​outstanding volunteer service team, the first session of Xiqing District Voluntary Service Innovation Project Competition, Third Award, second and third Xiqing district community welfare innovation project contest winning unit, community outreach fourth Xiqing District, innovative projects contest second place, Xiqing District, the fourth Games for the Disabled outstanding organization Award, thumbs Municipal Women’s Federation the most beautiful female social organization, was given “eye of God” HSBC China highly praised social enterprises title. Often when an institution or organization or pennants gift certificate, she said the maximum sentence is “I thank you on behalf of this group of kids.” We can not increase the length of life, but can increase the width of life, only to leave a better world “gift.”

She was a sun “courier”, will hope to every child’s hand; she was a “canals” diversion, it will be directed to the depths of the mountain springs north and lakes.


[1]: Enoch Autistic Children Rehabilitation Center is a non-profit organization, is the sponsor of parents of autistic children, children at home due to the serious illness, can not do without people around, so in 2015 announced the dissolution of the promoters. Nankai District, Tianjin Nankai site for the two road Fengyi Park District.

Filial love the old pro:

Song Deling, female, Han nationality, born in January 1963, the West Gate crossing the village temple town green area villagers. 11 years ago, she was taking care of her mother suffering from brain stem paralyzed in bed, even if they are suffering from diabetes, still cheerful and optimistic attitude care of her mother, her mother during hospitalization alone bear the heavy responsibility of accompanying care. As a good daughter caring for her mother, husband housekeeper good wife, good mother caring warm heart, Song Deling was blown away by the majority of the villagers.

Say “no long bedside dutiful son,” children of their own face very difficult for a long time without tired of caring for sick parents, not to mention a daughter, but Song Deling has offered to assume the burden of care of her mother, and this instant is 11 years, more than 4,000 days and nights. Pregnant mother Feng Yuan in 2010, suffering from brain stem paralyzed in bed, urine can not take care, food, clothing, hair these things be easier also need to care for others. Song Deling about the burden falls on the body, she began to take her mother to the feeding, watering, wash, dress and other tedious care, three meals a day on time to a delicious meal ended in front of her mother, like child care as feeding her mother to eat, to take care of the sick mother, she rarely return to her family, but also occasionally go to time come and gone, each time watching elderly parents face lost expression, she felt extremely guilty. Song Deling also unwell when, but she never because of their own reasons to delay the care of her mother, her mother in order to prevent long bedsores, her daily morning and afternoon will be timed to turn over her mother, scrub, Chuibei, twisted legs, day after One day, year after year, under the meticulous care of her, her mother bedding clean and fresh all day. Song Deling also paid great attention to the psychological needs of the mother, accompanied her mother had time to chat joke, tease her mother happy. Whenever someone stopping by, her mother always laugh and say to them, although she was in poor health, but good luck, have a good filial daughter, really than pro-girl kissed.


There was a time, Song Deling found himself so weak, uncomfortable, let her husband temporary custody of her mother, own to the hospital for examination, test results showed that she suffered from diabetes, this is a heavy blow for anyone, but she did not give in to the pain, in order not to worry about her mother, she let the whole family not to tell her mother that she had diabetes, in front of her mother still show their optimism, sunny side, as before and still take care of her mother, not the slightest slack, today her mother still does not know her daughter-strong body is not strong now.

Once her mother committed hypertension, blood pressure medication after still not fall down, only hospitalized more than 10 days in the hospital, almost all Song Deling a person to wait on her mother in the hospital, the hospital did not spare beds, Song Deling on the night You can only lie in bed on her mother squint for a while, because of the large older people, difficult to sleep at night at ease, always will be issued uncomfortable groans, Song Deling often just closed his tired eyes, he was awakened, rushed to see her mother body case went to the doctor’s duty room and call a doctor to come and see. During the day the situation is slightly better mother, she was lying in bed on the upper body, legs draped over a chair, a little nap children, nurses infusion rounds, when her mother would whisper to the nurse that small little voice, let her sleep a while. Sleep well at night, during the day to take care of her mother, because laborious, just a few days it lost a lap down Song Deling, family pained her, let her go home and rest, she shook her head and said nothing, and let her husband usually eat the drugs are brought hospital, insist on their own to stay in the hospital to accompany bed care of her mother, who she said after her home in which she did not attend her mother at ease. This in-law hospitalized more than 10 days, the relatives and friends go to the hospital to visit her mother, were surprised to find that, under the careful care of Song Deling, and her mother look awfully a lot, all envy Mufeng Huai Yuan has such a good daughter.

Excessive toil to 58-year-old Song Deling looks old than many peers, the vicissitudes of the face, rough hands, showing she paid all the hardships and sweat, so year after year to pay for the family, not only won the Song Deling family the heart also put up a good example for the neighborhood. Her story widely spread in the village, they were blown away for her deeds.

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