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Sports stars are not new, many sports stars will launch personal exclusive brands with their own names and many fans.

On August 10, 2020, according to footwear media Footwear News, Jinzhou Warriors’ superhand Super Stervin Curry will create their own personal sports brands in Anda. This message was originally disclosed by the Let’s Go Warriors website, and the brand and Currell have not yet made formal responses.

In his career, he led the Warrik to enter the finals in his career, and the team was led to take 3 championships. In 2015, the most valuable players were selected for the annual annual number of people in 2015, and the first annual MVP passed by the first full mist. In the 2015-16 season, there were 402 three points in the Kuri single seasons, refreshed the NBA single season three-pointed record.

Like other famous basketball stars, Kuri also has its own sports shoes. At present, Curie is working with Anda, and the contract is 20 million US dollars a year, expected to expire 2024. It is reported that the cooperation between the two parties will soon be a big change.

Internal news, Andama agreed to build a subsidiary in the library, and agreed to hire the pre-executive of the Jordan brand in Nike to run the brand, and promise to participate more in his shoes more. Development.

Curry and Nike signed a career first sneakers contract, but the influence of early injuries, the performance is not amazing. Nike also didn’t look at the heavy library, and I have happened to the Oolong that Durant names were forgotten in the speech of the library.

In 2013, with Nike unpleasant cooperation, the liberation will choose to leave, transfer to Andema. Just in the 2014-15 season, Curry began to break out, rapidly became the NBA star player with excellent performance, and helped Andrum achieved sales of explosive growth.

The relationship between Kuri and Andema has also had a tense moment. In 2018, Curry’s sales weakness of the landmarks 3, Andrum also was dissatisfied with the NBA competition of the NBA competition.

However, according to the “New York Times” this year, the founder and CEO of this sportswear company Kevin Prank and Chief Operation official Patrick Frisk went to the West Coast, convincing the library in the summer of 2018 Listed in Andema.

Everyone guess, because of this peace talk, Andema agreed to open a personal exclusive brand for the library, Curry agreed to continue to work with Anda.

Androm is made as a concession, just like 36 years ago, Nike is doing Michael Jordan.

In 1984, at the time of the field of sports and apparel, Nike broke the boat in the verge of bankruptcy, gave Jordan’s 5-year $ 2.5 million, and even agreed to create a sub-brand (Air Jordan) with Jordan, Jordan will have a lifetime. AJ sales are divided into. As a result, Nike is working with Jordan.

The first year of the parties signed, AJ shoes bring Nike $ 100 million in income. With the big sale of AJ series, and Jordan’s personal influence is increasing, Nike decided to independent of the Jordan series of production lines in 1997, Jordan brand was born.

Today’s AJ shoes are still unlimited and loved on, and their annual benefits have exceeded $ 2.5 billion. Some limited edition of AJ is priced at 20,000 US dollars in major resale markets.

In addition to Jordan, LeBron James is also a core spokesperson of Nike.

In 2003, Nike signed James with a $ 90 million. 12 years later, Nike signed a lifelong contract with James, with a total value of more than $ 1 billion. However, James did not get the treatment of a personal brand in Nike as Jordan.

According to sources, Curry 8 Flow is scheduled for sale this fall. It is reported that the upper shoes of the series of sneakers will be based on the individual’s new logo in the library, while Andema’s logo may be very concealed, and even there will be on the product.

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