The end of the summer, when weaving, it is tangled, what is weaving, my plan is to bottom, so the best is the simple flat needle, the bottom is still convenient, so it is necessary to pay back, What is best to tighten, make it easy, the collar, the high-end collar is afraid of air-conditioned rooms, the round neck is there, then the word is collected, the warmth can be dressed, cold, it can be high to bottom Or a scarf is also convenient. The large direction is set, weanned.

When we woven, the top half will always feel a little monotonous. I just see that Aka’s new model has a basic full level, only in the chest, it is very beautiful, OK, I am also under the cottage.

Originally, you can’t hook the lace and the collar. So, this is like this.



Line: Ugly baby home Needs Cashmere Wine Red 3 shares 6 can’t

Needle: ADD2.75 (between 12 and 11), 3.0 (11), 2.5 (No. 12)


Crochet 2.0, 1.75


Size: (cm) Bust: 42, waist: 38, shoulder width: 32.5, Length: 54, sleeve length: 53

Weaving instructions:


1. After the film: 3.0 Needle the line 15 knit 4 line blade (the front side is weaving the needle), the flowering position is like a figure diagram, woven 4 groups 48 lines, change 2.75 knit flat needles. This process is measured in this process: 5-1-1, 6-1-6, 8-1-6. A total of 109 pins, plus needles: 12-1-2, 14-1-2. A total of 117 needles at this time. Cuffging should be adjusted: 4 pins, 2-2-2, 4-2-2, 4-1-1, 40 lines. Stroke: 4 pins 3 times, 5 needles once. At the same time, the rear collar: the middle is 47 pins, and the needle should be adjusted 2-3-1, 2-2-1, 2 lines.


2. The front piece is the same post. The sleeves decreasing 50 lines were opened before: 41 needles in the middle, double the injection: 2-3-1, 2-2-2, 2-1-1, 4 lines.

3. Sleeve: 3.0 Needle 10 knitting 4 lines (front side of the front side) Needle. Start the needle to start the needle: 15-1-1, 10-1-8, 9 line, at this time, a total of 91 needles. Adjustment: 4 pins, 2-2-7, 4-2-3, 2-2-4, 2-3-1. There are 21-pin left.


4. The front sewings are sewn.

5. Coli: 2.5 Needle Pickup Needly Wove 4 lines, loosened Remove (can change the needle 10 to 3)

6. Hook: I just found a few patterns in the book, one of the crochet, I forgot, I didn’t shoot. You can use another 2.0 needle to replace. The rest is 1.75 needles, two hooks. After the hook is finished, in the respective position (not stitched on the outermost petals, a circle is in the inside, so that there can be three-dimensional, 3 beads, small flowers.

Arrangement Refer to the following figure, pay attention to the middle movement. . .


7. Cashmere velvere, if I am used to freezing, I am used to the defensive gentle. Water. Wash the water, the soft agent is 20 minutes, and the laundry bag is installed and the laundry machine is 300 to do, and the tile is dried. . Some people like shampoo, I don’t get used to the taste of shampoo on the clothes. Some people don’t shrink, I still like to have a fluff. Some people like fleece dense, then the decapulizer is 15 minutes.

8. Remind: First, the neckline should be loose, otherwise it may not be in. Second, the hook sewing is preferably in the middle of the clothes, and it will be partil in the body. My seam is rely on. Third, the three-pin and rightmost 2-pin in the figure diagram is the needle of the left and right side, and the other places are 3 pins and two needles.


The manuscript comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please private letter! Thank you for sharing! Love life loves to weave!


(Add a circle card here, please see the headline client today)

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