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一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

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一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

Wisdom March 11 evening news, just OPPO released the first flagship in 2021, the 10th anniversary of the Find Series is the OPPO Find X3 series, which is equipped with Sony Custom IMX766 free surface ultra wide-angle lens, and the back lens module is used. One-piece glass technology, a sense of technology.

The OPPO Find X3 series is equipped with a 10BIT full-link color management system, which can achieve global 10bit in shooting, coding, storage, decoding, and display multiple links. OPPO is also the first to launch this technology in the Android camp and in the mobile phone. Realize landing vendors.

It is worth mentioning that this OPPO’s new product release will be presented in the form of offline theater viewing, and increase the visual effect of naked eye 3D, which is the first mobile phone conference in the industry in the industry.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

OPPO’s Find Series is always an annual OPPO’s latest black technology set, such as an OPPO Find x series lifting camera, true full screen, and an OPPO Find X2 series 2K 120Hz AMOLED screen, it is the first in the industry.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

Find Series (Zhidong West Map)

OPPO Find X3 series has a total mirror black, fog blue, and white color matching, there is also a vegetarian model, OPPO Find X3 8GB + 256GB version price is 4499 yuan, OPPO Find X3 Pro 8GB + 256GB version is 5499 Yuan.

The PRO version starting price to 5,500 yuan, and it is also seen that the OPPO Find X3 Pro position is the top flagship and cost performance is not the main consideration.

In addition to the mobile phone, OPPO has also released the new OPPO ENCO X true wireless active noise-saving headset, continues to jointly tune with Dynaudio.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

First, a glass of a glass? 2000 control points are only one curve

The new feature of the OPPO Find X3 series is the unique body back lens module design.

This time OPPO has previously been designed for the back of the Find X3 series before the press conference. It can also see that OPPO is full of confidence in this design.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

The OPPO Find X3 series of fuselage uses a glass backplane, most outstanding is that the lens module is “integrated” with the backboard of the fuselage, and the module does not have a connection, but integrated, lens module Just like a small mountain, slowly “lift up” from the backplane, like a piece of object is jackded up.

OPPO said they adjust the curve of the body rear cover by more than 2000 control points, and the glass is inserted into the glass by hot forging process.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

Finally, OPPO has “OC0” curved glass coating on the surface of the backplane, thereby achieving black and relatively warm feeling of enamel.

This kind of design is made with glass, and the challenge of the process is very high. OPPO product manager Bai Wai once frank, “We are the rhythm of yourself.”

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In fact, the design of smartphones is the most important thing to look at the design of the lens module, because the screen is already a substantially the same punch full screen, and the lens module of the backplane has become the highest recognition.

Since the process, the texture is less than the demanding of the grip, this time, under the premise of performance, video stack “luxury”, the OPPO Find X3’s body thickness is controlled by 8.26mm, and the weight is controlled in 193g. It is said that the functions and experiences are taking into account.

Second, the first show of the free surface lens, 60 times “microscope”, is there a lot of shock?

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

In terms of photographing, the OPPO Find X3 series used the “Double Main Photo” program. The two main average use Sony custom IMX766 50 million pixel sensors, the sensor size is 1 / 1.56 inches, support full-pixel all-point focus. And two main aversion support 10bit photos and video capture.

OPPO Find X3 This time the ultra-wide-angle uses a Sony’s exclusive custom IMX766 free surface lens, which can significantly reduce the distortion effect of the edge of the photo edge from the physical level while lifting the edge picture quality. It is said that this is also a free surface shot that can be purchased in the industry.

Previously, Huawei Mate40 Pro + Super Cup used a free surface lens, but due to the supply problem, Huawei Mate40 Pro + has not released its spot supply.

If the supply situation of the OPPO Find X3 series is relatively stable, this is indeed a mobile phone that consumers can easily touch.

Another wide-angle main photo also adopts the same IMX766 sensor, and supports OIS optical anti-shake, telephoto uses a 13 megapixel lens, supports up to 20 times of digital zoom. A 32 million pixel lens is equipped with a front.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

What is interesting is, OPPO Find X3 also joined a macro lens that supported 60 times amplification, also becomes “microscope”, which can provide a very unique photographing angle and can also perform FHD video recording.

On-site OPPO demonstrated several “microscopic” shooting pictures, the effect is still more shocking.

OPPO issued a “full link color management system” supporting global 10bit pictures and video captures, edited in the future technology conference last November, in order to further strengthen the phone’s performance, this OPPO Find X3 series started this Set system.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

10bit compared to traditional 8bit, color performance can be more delicate, color transition is more natural, in the reflective portion of the picture, more variegated. In addition, OPPO Find X3 supports 10bit-Raw + format into a film, which is convenient for professionals.

In terms of video shooting, OPPO launched a stacked DOL-HDR multiple exposure technology, and the video quality further improved.

In addition, OPPO and Zhejiang University jointly launched AI toning function, and mobile phones will intelligently optimize portraits for the characteristics of shooting scenes. It is worth mentioning that OPPO cooperates with Jiang Wen director to introduce different shooting movie films.

This AI toner function can also be applied in album applications, and users can import and edit the pictures and video captured images.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

White waves said that shooting not only pays attention to parameters, but also pays attention to the color performance that is really photographed.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

OPPO full-link color management system can achieve global 10bit in shooting, coding, storage, decoding, and display multiple links, OPPO is also the first manufacturer in the Android camp to launch this technology and realize landing in mobile phones.

Third, Samsung LTPO screen grab the first Apple, 5Hz-120Hz intelligent adjustment

High-quality, breakthrough screen begins with one of its most core from the OPPO Find X series. At the OPPO Find x3 series, OPPO adopts Samsung’s latest E4 screen material, and uses the LTPO AMOLED screen to support intelligent refresh rate adjustment from 5Hz-120Hz.

LTPO is Samsung’s latest AMOLED screen technology, starting from Samsung flagship S21, and will be used in Apple iPhone in the second half of this year, this OPPO is also the first external use of Samsung. Thanks to this, the power consumption of this screen is reduced by 46%, and the battery life is extended for 43 minutes.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

This 6.7-inch AMOLED screen also supports native 10bit display in addition to the 2K resolution, 120 Hz refresh rate.

Finally, it is displayed, OPPO mainly works in hardware tuning and color gamut mapping. OPPO frankly, such a ratio will add 26 seconds to each mobile phone, but they think this is worth it.

The O1 image quality engine can automatically optimize the video quality when users watch the mainstream video platform video.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

Fourth, Snapdragon 888+ 骁 龙 870 double flagship SOC, Oscar composer is designed for ringtone spectrum

Of course, it is essential for hardware configurations such as flagship mobile phones, Xiaolong 888, UFS 3.1, LPDDR5. However, how is the OPPO Find X3 to solve the power consumption and fever problem of Snapdragon 888?

The OPPO Find X3 series is equipped with a VC liquid-cooled hot plate with 1800 mm2. In order to maintain a thin, the hot plate has made ultra-thin process.

This OPPO Find X3 Standard Edition uses 7nm Snapdragon 870 in terms of processor. Since the 5nm chip production capacity is shortage, two versions use different processors to deplete the supply pressure to some extent.

In terms of charging, the OPPO Find X3 series supports 65W wired charging, 30W wireless charging and wireless reverse charging, and the battery capacity is 4500mAh. 65W Supervooc Flashing has become the foundation of the OPPO series flagship.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of system ringtone, this OPPO deliberately invited “Star Crossing” and “The Piratespace Space” composer Hans Zimmer creates exclusive ringtone song “Colorful Future” for the OPPO Find X3 series.

Zimmer (right)

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

Zimmer believes that “the ringtone should not bring anxiety, each ringtone should be a warm call.”

ColorOS 11.2 is the UI operating system of the OPPO Find X3 series, which is upgraded in terms of transition animation, system fluency. In addition, OPPO also enhances the interconnection of the car, and cooperates with the ideal of domestic electric vehicle manufacturers.

In terms of security and privacy, the OPPO Find X3 series is also doing its own full-link privacy protection, adding privacy, privacy safes, application locks.

In terms of intelligent home interconnection, OPPO Find X3 will automatically discover smart home products in the home and conduct “one-button flash”, of course, these hardware devices need to join the OPPO’s smart home ecology.

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

Conclusion: The process is designed to be “unique”, the flagship Andrews Wars just kicked off

一块玻璃的艺术之旅?OPPO Find X3拍照、存储、显示全链路10亿色首发

OPPO’s positioning of the OPPO Find X3 series is “Color Image Flagship”, no doubt, from the photo, the screen displayed to the data stored 10bit color management system is its core advantage, and the start of the Android camp.

OPPO’s current product line is also relatively clear, the Find Series of the latest technology landing, positioning top flagship, RENO series, thin and photographing, the ACE series is the performance flagship of the game mobile phone, and the core technology of fast charge, screen and other fields The advantage runs through each series.

Today, the mobile phone industry has more interesting phenomena, on the one hand, screen, chip, storage, etc. Due to the convergence of the supply chain, each family is not open, and all manufacturers want to improve their brand products through the novel design. Sex, and the body’s process and design have become a major breakthrough.

In January this year, OPPO smartphone shipments exceeded Huawei for the first time, became the first in China. The achievement of results is mainly due to the reno series new market feedback, and its Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G and Lianfa Tianzhu 1000+ two 7nm chips are small by chip shortage, so in stock is relatively stable.

2021 smartphone TOP5 players will will usher in a round of shuffling, facing the Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung new flagship, OPPO Find X3 series to help oppo support the Android high-end smartphone market, still not small challenge.

After the opening of the year, the “Value” model, the “true” flagship machine is just beginning.

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