Jordan, China:

I like you to see that I am not cool.

Can’t let me look at me.

The 80s of the three-four-line cities in China, they did not know Nike Adud when they were young.

It is Li Ning, Anta, Esh, 361 °, Peak …

But these are not a pair


Shoe cattle.

When you love to chase NBA, after drinking the idol Michael Jordan, he will always wear the “big card” Jordan shoes on the court.

Whether it is, as long as Jordan is wearing Jordan, they are in their hearts.

For them, this is not just a pair of shoes, but also their dreams.

When they got out of the small town, they found that “Jordan” “Jordan” with Joe didn’t matter, and people opened Air Jordan.

But Jordan basketball shoes, how to talk to the youth of the age of 80.


Comfortable foot feelings and cost-effective, let the old people don’t want to accuse it too much.

It’s just now, there is Nike Adud, there is a coconut Paris, and China Jordan seems to have lost the position and gradually tidy.


However, in all people think that Jordan has flop today, it actually put Air Jordan’s parent company Nike on the court, requiring the other party to stop the infringement, apologize for the public, and claims 300,000 yuan.

“Jordan” tells “Jordan”? What is this?

China Jordan, 80s

Also is the king of China’s sports brand

In 1984, Jinjiang, Fujian, was completed with the father of Chen Yuxi, and the folks were engaged in the shoes business.

Initially, Ding Guoxiong only took the shoes as a business.

At the beginning of the 80th century, he ran to Beijing to open the store to engage in distribution. By 1995, there were more than ten retail and wholesale stores opened in Beijing.

At this time, the homosters have begun to focus on the local market and gradually create their own brands.

When he went back, Ding Ming’s Delhui, Ding Shizhong’s Anta, Dishui’s special step has been successfully registered.


These Jinjiang system brands, mostly played the “Wiping Ball” route, and the name of the international big name.


There is a special step of imitation, there is a shoulder of Nike … others are keen on logo.

Ding Guoxiong, who is not fat, registered in 2000, “Qiaodan” trademark.

In 1993, the clothing market in Jinjiang street

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In those years, Wang Zhizhen, Yao Ming and other Chinese stars began to land in NBA, further expanded the influence of NBA in China.

In 2004, Michael Jordan visited China, and the fans squeezed the Beijing Dongdan basketball court.

At this time, it was another period of rapid development of the Jinjiang footwear.

Tiantiansheng and get together

Jordan sports turnover begins to go all the way.

In 2002, Jordan’s sport annual output value was only 120 million yuan.

In 2010, its sales revenue jumped to 2.93 billion yuan.

In 2011, only 1701 million yuan in the first half of the year, the profit was nearly 350 million yuan.

But Ding Guoxiong did not start. Because companies that have a registered trademark in the past, have been listed in Hong Kong.

In 2011, Jordan Sports intended to land on the board of order. On November 25th, the meeting was successfully listed on March 2012, and it is expected to become “the first share of A-share sports shoes.”

Everything seems to be smooth.

At this point, Jordan Sports that have been highly eye-catching don’t know, you will usher in the last situation that is the most don’t want to face.

Michael Jordan a paper lawsuit

Destroy China Jordan’s listing dream

On February 23, 2012, Michael Jordan has picked this and team service number on the same day, officially filed a lawsuit to Jordan sports –

According to the name of verification, the Chinese Trademark Review Committee is required to withdraw.

Dan Dan Sports Co., Ltd.

78 related registered trademarks.

Jordan Sports have been run for more than ten years. In 2010-2011, Jordan Sports advertisements also hit the NBA’s stadium.

Qiao’s father can’t know its existence.

Then why is it prosecuted by 2012?

Nothing is two reasons:

Early Jordan team lacked long-term international vision, not understanding the Chinese market;

Jordan’s sports is growing, which is a threat to the AIR Jordan preparing to play in the Chinese market.


In other words, this will not be accessed for the sake of honor, more of the interests.

Sure enough, Joe is smashed with such a stirring, Jordan ‘s sporting IPO instant.

The two continued to tie for 4 years.

Due to the inevitable relevance between Michael Jordan and Chinese “Jordan”, the court believes that “Jordan” trademark does not constitute a violation of Michael Jordan name.

The complaint has been repeatedly dismissed, Michael Jordan continues to report.

In 2016, Jordan Sports restart IPO and indirectly prompted this lasting battle.

In December, the Supreme People’s Court conducted public pronunciation: “Jordan” trademark registration contracted Michael Jordan’s in the name of the name, violating the trademark law, should revoke; involving Pinyin “Qiaodan”, “Qiaodan” case, because Michael Jordan does not enjoy the name of the name to the pinyin, so the application for Michael Jordan is dismissed.

At that time, “China Jordan is dotted, the US Jordan wins” is full of flying.

But in fact, the revocation is just a “defensive trademark” such as swimwear, decorations, beer beverages, and does not involve Jordan Sports’ main business.

Nike, who lost the opportunity, actually, know that he can’t win himself.


But since it is a reason to grab business, there is such a reason why the light is right to fight competitors, why not?

However, go to Today’s China Jordan, but also want Nike to know that they are not their opponents.

You tell me, I tell you

It is necessary to fight, then don’t stop

The dark confrontation did not stop.

This time I was in China Jordan.


In January 2017, Jordan Sports became the official partner of the 13th National National Games, providing equipment support for the organizing committee, investing more than 80 million funds.

But at this time, Michael Jordan authorized the law firm to report a small report to the organizing committee of the National Games:

“The trademark of Jordan Sports has been revoked. Do you determine that the partners are legally operated companies?”

This is passed to Jordan’s sports ear, and they are of course not dry.


So they made a paper book with a paper book, and the MICHAEL JORDAN and the Law Law Firm were asked to apologize and compensated 1.1 million yuan.


Recently, Jordan Sports launched a lawsuit against Nike’s keywords using “Jordan” related logo. This time only claims 300,000 yuan.

300,000 and billions of output are not countless.

However, since your Air Jordan has to grab the market with my Jordan sports, then we will fight.

Even if the public opinion is almost, Nike is not afraid of Nike Company and AIR Jodan, Jordan Sports is not afraid.


But don’t forget, only Jordan’s name is not enough to support a company to create nearly 4 billion income.

After many years of laws, the listing of the listing, and the Naxie Jordan did not know China Jordan-

Still active.

Can introduce high-tech products such as “Jordan North Hand Basketball Shoes”

It has its own research and development capabilities.


The daily net profit exceeds 600 million yuan, and the total amount of taxes in the past three years exceeds 1.5 billion yuan, and the donor will reach 200 million yuan, and there are more than 80,000 people in social employment. Jordan –

It has established its own brand influence.

You think that Jordan sports “stinky do not face”, not far from death, in fact it is still too much.

Jordan Sports R & D Experiment Process

Beidou Smart Basketball Shoes

Connectable APP upload data

What’s more, between Air Jordan and Jordan sports, it is not necessarily for winning.


The whole world is staring at this big cake in the Chinese market. Jordan Sports wants, Air Jordan wants to attack, “true and false Jordan” is just a knocking each other.

When the public is busy judge who is not, I don’t know that the two “Jordan” may have won the interests of their own desired.

“Truth, Jordan, what do you think?”

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