The Mediterranean style is a common style of home decoration. Its very affordable idyllic and soft tone combination makes people relax, as if they live in a leisurely natural person, in the Mediterranean style home decoration Tiles are also an indispensable part. Here with Xiaobian to see how to choose the Mediterranean style decoration tile:


Mediterranean style decoration tile selection trick:

Mediterranean style decoration tiles: 1, tile style

Mediterranean decoration style requires natural fresh effects, pursuing natural original feelings, likes to show some unevenness and roughness, so you can’t choose a smooth tile in tiles, you have to choose a natural antique tile, etc.

Mediterranean style decoration tiles: 2, ceramic tile varieties

In the tile breed, the mosaic tile is often appeared in the Mediterranean style decoration tile. In the Mediterranean-style decoration family, you can often see mosaic living room wall, kitchen, bathroom, etc., many mosaic tiles inlays, collage It is equipped with a combination of small stones, shellfish, and glass beads to create a Mediterranean style.

Mediterranean style decoration tiles Selection Tips: 3, tile color

Mediterranean-style decoration is generally a natural romantic feeling, in color, white, yellow as the main tone, looks bright and pleasing, so chooses blue white and other light tones in the Mediterranean style decoration tile. ceramic tile.

The Mediterranean style is one of the home style of home decoration. It is a kind of ocean style. It is designed to apply marine elements to home decoration design. The tile is one of the main materials of home renovation, so in the Mediterranean style decoration tile selection To select, with other items to create a decoration effect. The above is the Mediterranean style decoration tile for Xiaobian to introduce you, hoping to help everyone.

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