With the improvement of living standards, the parents give the baby to choose the basic requirements for warm breathable, many parents pay attention to fashion. Baby skin is delicate, is these fashion brand clothing quality? The international brand is really trusted? What projects in children’s clothing belong to the disaster-stricken area? Which manufacturers have repeatedly black lists in the sampling inspection?

Nandu Identification Evaluation Laboratory combed the quality sampling information of the national and provincial and municipal market supervision departments from January 2007 to May 2019. The 1358 batches of unqualified children’s clothing products produced by thousands of companies in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, and Beijing were screened in the original data of 350,000. Through the data analysis, it is found that the unqualified children’s wear is super 30%, and the Le Shark has 3 batches of jeans inspected unqualified. Children’s clothing is unqualified, instructions, fibers, and color fastness problems are the main reason. A variety of ZARA girls T-shirt have detected three unqualified, 8 production enterprises such as Hubei Folkit Clothing Co., Ltd., the number of orders, more than 100 batchs of unqualified children’s wear is “Guangzhou manufacturing”, and nearly half of Huzhou unqualified children’s clothing Birth in the weave.

Unqualified children’s wear in the upper and three-year music shapes 3 batch jeans unqualified

To combat 1358 batches of unqualified children’s clothing, it is found that the categories of children’s clothing, pants, dress, suit, etc. . 441 batches, including T-shirts, sweaters, sweaters, pullover, sweaters, vests, jackets, etc. More than 30% of the total number of unqualified machines.

For example, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Market Supervision Bureau issued the 2016 Zhejiang Children’s Clothing Product Supervision Satchart Information show that a model of 140/68 produced by Shanghai Green Box Network Technology Co., Ltd. is 40/68 Disney-knitted short-sleeved T-shirt tests light. Three unqualified qualities such as sweating complexity, light color fastness.

In addition to loading, pants, there are also up to 277 batches, jeans and knitted trousers, which detects unqualified jeans up to 81 batches. Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce In the first quarter of 2017, the quality sampling situation and prompt information showed that the three batches of the three batches of different specifications produced by Jiangsu Le Shark Children’s Products Co., Ltd. were not qualified. Three jeans unqualified projects have more than 3, of which 296372533, the number of girls, cowgirls, which are 216372533, up to 7 items, for use instructions, water resistance, cold resistance, acid and sweatiness, alkali-resistant Degree, moisturizing and removing color fastness, washable fastness, and can be divided into cancer aromatic amine dyes.

In addition to the large area of ​​jeans, it is more than 26 batches of knitted trousers. Fujian Quanzhou Shengshi Shoes Co., Ltd. produced a batch of specifications 12 # 140/60 Jamie Bear Men’s Chinese Knitting Seven Pants (Children and Infant Clothing) Due to the main pH value, the main material moisturizing friction Unqualified items such as fastness, in 2019, the first batch of toys and other 4 net products Quality National Supervision Special Investigation was named by the General Administration of China.


Problems such as fiber content, color fastness highlights a pants that are ivy

The sampling shows that in the 1280 batch of unqualified products that clarify the unqualified project, the main unqualified items include the logo identification (instructions), fiber content, color fastness, and the like. Fiber unqualified children’s clothing products reach 547 batches, more than 40% of the total number of non-qualified children’s clothing samples. Children’s clothing products that are unqualified by fiber projects involve sweaters, dress, sweater, jacket, down jacket, etc.

For example, in the second quarter of 2013, children and infant clothing products Quality National Supervisory Survey, Jiangsu Dushha Princess Cultural and Creative Industry Co., Ltd. produced a batch of 40/72 flute (small kid) fabric fiber ingredients The content of the content is 96 ± 5%, the spandex is 4 ± 1.2%, but the measured value cotton is 93.4%, the spandex is 6.6%, and finally the fabric fiber component and the content are unqualified.

It is understood that the name and content of the fiber component indicates that the fiber raw materials and proportions used in clothing products are important indicators related to quality and the key to consumers’ purchase. If the indicator is unqualified, it will not only mislead the consumer judgment, but also affect the comfort and safety of wearing.

In children’s clothing products with unqualified project information, the number of children’s wear batchs that are not qualified in failure is not qualified. It is understood that there is a distinction of moisturizing friction, water resistance, fast-resistant fastness, and fastness resistance, and color fastness. It is understood that “color fastness is not resistant”, and the clothes are prone to “fade”, and if the costumes that are unqualified, “fading” will also lead to allergies such as skin itching, redness and swelling.

Sampling showed that a batch of small pig classes produced by Guangdong Pigang Banjan Clothing Co., Ltd. The small pig commissioning of the 113174065, the long sleeve jacket has been detected by the wet friction, the main surface of the coat is detected. It is 2-3, and the standard value is a moisture resistance color fastness ≥3. In addition, according to the 2017 Communication Symposium on the 2017 Circulation Sports, the Shengfu Apparel Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Province, which produced by Jiangsu Province, produced a batch of small pigs, PP3417DJB580, Pigs, Pigs, Little Down Take the alkali-resistant Fastness (contrast) project is unqualified.

In addition, pH, can be separated from cancer aromatic amine dyes, also became the “hard disaster area”, with a total of 152 batches of products unqualified, including a batch of sequential (Shanghai) Commercial Co., Ltd. to produce specifications “130 / 59 GAP Boy Jeans, the sample is notified by the Shenzhen Municipal Market Supervision Administration in 2018 due to pH value.

It is reported that the pH is an indicator for the application of fabrics. Because the skin of the human body is weakly acidic, if the pH of the textile is too much different from the skin of the human body, it will damage the acid-base balance of the human body, causing problems such as children’s skin allergy, induce infection.

Indexable to the cancer aromatic amine dye refers to a dye that can decompose an aromatic amine under certain conditions. Solid and vapors containing an aromatic amine dye can enter the body quickly into the body, these aromatic amines will be decomposed to form a carcinogent-aromatic amine compound, and the light pain will have a headache, nausea, tired, insomnia, vomiting, cough, etc. Bad symptoms. The incidence of human bladder cancer is often 28 times the normal population, induced cancer, and the incubation period is 20 years. Further, the arambic amine compound can cause changes in the cell DNA in the cell. Wearing clothing containing this type of dye may lead to diseases in children and infants.

National Mandatory Standards GB 18401-2010 clearly stipulates that the solution to the cancer aromatic amine dye is disabled. If the amount of cancer aromatic amine exceeds 20 mg / kg, it is determined that the item is unqualified. This stroke data shows that 19 batches of products can be decomposed to decompose the cancer aromatic amine dye content, including a batch of Ivy House five pants produced by Shanghai Chang Junyi Children’s Products Co., Ltd., can be separated from carcinogenic The main reason for the unqualified aromatic amine dye is that the product fabric, accessories are stained or printed, and the dye or pigment that can be divided into cancer aromatic amine is used, while children’s wear production enterprises are purchasing raw materials, such as the surface, excipient quality Strictly check, the final finished product can be decomposed to decompose the cancer aromatic amine dye unqualified.


A variety of ZARA girls T-shirt have been detected 3 unqualified

When purchasing children’s wear, many parents have adopted international brands. Summary data shows that some international fast fashion brands have not been able to stand in a neutral sampling. In addition to covering a batch of “130/59 qualified items”, the GAP boy jeans, which is “130/59 Qig”, which is entrusted, is prior to being detected, and the Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau is inquiry in the 2014 circulation field. In the inspection, there were three unqualified three unqualified three-term disadvantages such as Zarabasic girl T-shirt, fiber content, and gravity of salivation.

Some well-known brands in China are not satisfactory. In 2010, the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce showed the results of children’s clothing quality monitoring in the circulation field. Zhejiang Tianhao Children’s Products Co., Ltd. produced 140/60 120/56 130/59 110/53 ABC KIDS boy twill pants test Unqualified, and in 2016 and 2018, the 1001 night children’s clothing of two batches of different specifications is due to fracture, pH value, moisturizing friction fastness, printed (hot), embroidered moisturizing fastness, etc. Beings by the Sichuan Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Zhejiang Market Supervision Bureau.

In addition to some famous brands at home and abroad, there are also children’s clothing brands that have repeatedly boarded the blacklist in the spot check data. “For the children”, a total of 7 batches of unqualified children’s wear, one of the batchs “for children” lacquered cotton printed coat and a batch of “pedestrian” cotton printing harass Ingredients, formaldehyde, instructions, etc. have been informed by the Jilin Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce. It is understood that formaldehyde has functions such as anti-wrinkle, anti-static, flame retardant, hot, bruising, and the color of the child is bright, and the print-proof clothes will inevitably use formaldehyde. If it is improper, it will cause Formaldehyde exceeds the standard. Costume formaldehyde ultralability will have strong stimulation to children’s respiratory tract and skin mucosa, causing respiratory damage, and triggering a variety of inflammation. The skin is exposed to formaldehyde to be sensitized, rash and other reactions. The toxicity of the baby is manifested in asthma, bronchitis, abnormal chromosomes, and the decline in resistance.

Data statistics also show that “Jing Hao Dad”, “Bo Ran Mother” also has 6 batches of children’s clothing, and the number of lists is second only to “as a pair.”


8 production companies such as Hubei Falwit Apparel Co., Ltd.

Data statistics show that some companies are named. Hubei Fall Knitting Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Ruirang Industrial Co., Ltd. has 6 batches of product sampling unqualified. In the first quarter of the Hubei Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the Quality Sampling of Children’s Supplies and Stylistic Products Produced by Hubei Fall Knitting Co., Ltd., and a batch of small snowman round neck biased The back of the crotch is unqualified. The 6 batches of children’s unqualified reasons involve pH, durability label position requirements, fiber ingredients, instructions, rope requirements, accessories tensile strength.


It is understood that the product instructions (labels) are important credentials for consumers’ purchase and use. The ropes require safety hazards mainly in three aspects: First, the head, the neck of the rope can be hooked or unexpected. Hanging, children, especially infants, causing suffocation; seconds, the chest, waist and other tensile ropes, may cause children’s physical damage due to unexpected hook during children; third is to use elastic rope After stretching, it is easy to hurt the child’s face or eyes. The attachment of children’s clothing refers to small parts attached to children’s clothing, decorating, explaining, including buttons, bonded buckles, etc. Similar to small parts, etc.. The attachment falls to children may have caused asphyxia or other safety hazards that can be caused by children.

Guangzhou Ruilang Industrial Co., Ltd. also has six batches of children’s wear. A batch of Kaisi Bes Boys T-shirt tests the instructions, pH, fiber content, etc. 3 unqualified, a batch of Cherrychocolate women’s children’s dress, a batch of qibi dress detected pH unqualified, sales A batch of a batch and Hazha detected logo (instructions) and the safety items in Guangzhou Jincheng Baby Costume Industry Co., Ltd. are unqualified. In addition, a batch of underwear sets and a batch of sequential kids knitted kit are not qualified (instructions) unqualified.

In addition, Guangzhou Huazhuang Yinger Garment Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shengyi Garment Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Tongze Appliance Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have more, and 5 batches of children’s wear have been detected unqualified.


53 batches were born in Huzhou Wend

In all unqualified children’s wear projects, there are 1180 unqualified items expressly launched the manufacturer. According to the report, this 1180 unqualified infant apparel production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangzhou, Huzhou and other places, and sellers have children in Huainan, Hefei, Tianmen and other cities, and some into Jingzhou, Fuyang, Siping, Yanbian, etc. Maternal and child living hall.

According to statistics, there are more than 300 batches of the unqualified children’s wear of 1180 batches of production enterprise information, and the production enterprises are located in Guangzhou, 142 batches, Guangzhou Ruilang Industrial Co., Ltd. produces Kaverbus boys t 6 batches of Children’s dress, Qibi dress and other children’s clothing were named by Anhui Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau, Guangdong Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau.

In addition to Guangzhou Ruilang Industrial Co., Ltd., there are also 5 batches of unqualified children’s wear born in Guangzhou Huayiahao Yue Garment Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Yizhi Clothing Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Pu Banna Children’s Clothing Co., Ltd. and other enterprises also detected There are 4 batches of different styles of children in children with unqualified items.

From the unqualified children’s wear of Guangdong, in addition to the number of children’s clothing, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Foshan and other places have also distributed producers who have unqualified children’s wear.

In addition, more than 200 batches of production from Zhejiang, origin is specifically distributed in Huzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Wenzhou and other cities. It is worth mentioning that at least 116 batches of unqualified children’s clothing from Zhejiang Huzhou, produced from the children’s clothing from Huzhou, more than 53 batches, such as the 3 batches of Zhejiang Xiwi Yongnian Clothing Co., Ltd. produced different specifications Xiaocheng Children’s T-shirt has been reported by Anhui Administration for Industry and Commerce, Henan Administration Administration, with unqualified projects such as identification, fiber content. It is understood that the Town of Xiwi is located in the eastern part of Wuxing District, Huzhou City, and the key projects of the local provinces and cities have gathered a large number of medium and low-end children’s clothing production enterprises. As the “capital of China’s children’s wear”, the children’s clothing share of the broth occupies the half-Wanjiang Mountain in the Chinese children’s clothing market.

Production: Nandu University Data Institute & NBSP; Coordination: Nandu Identification Evaluation Laboratory

Host: Chen Yangkai & nbsp; Written: Intern Gong Ju & NBSP; Gan Weisheng Reporter Yang Li

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