A German saffron crewler

A European Floral Master Master Certification Team


Call the full line of deer stone

Collision Shenzhen Net Red Location Landmark

In November, all China is watching this show.




Regional vertical across the north

“Radial artists who look forward to each heart

Jürgen Herold

‘Can wear floral art

‘Space device flower art

Connected two games, and into a three-hour carnival


Conducted with the form of show and exhibition


If the master is not too late

Don’t miss this

We have prepared everything

Just waiting for you to uncover

Performance theme



“Performance” – Spatial device and wearable flower art

show time


November 04, 2018 19: 00-22: 00

Performance location


Shenzhen B.Park Bloom Garden

(101, Building B1, Creative Cultural Park, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan)

ticket price



(468 yuan for VIP, only 50 seats)

Ticket purchase method: Long press or scan the QR code below, enter the registration page, fill in personal information, and the payment is successful.

Admission: Pay successful friends will receive the U mall order QR code / delivery code, and receive the ticket admission after the site is displayed.

Gentle reminder: All audiences who have purchased tickets are half an hour in advance and follow the order in the scene to ensure that the performance show is carried out.

Ticket notice:


1. Tickets are on the spot, with the U mall order QR code / delivery code, do not support mailing, order “store self-raising”.

3. If the ticket purchase is not returned, it can be transferred.

Ticket event started today

300 tickets, sold out and then!

Super-burning body floral show

Crash shenzhen

11.4, focus on Shenzhen “Blooming Garden”

– About Performing Guests –

Fenghua Zhengmao, leading the striker, they are in the industry in the industry, and the true love of the true feelings – this is the most shining star Couple of Western contemporary floral sessions.

About Jürgen Herold

Born on April 6, 1983, Berlin, Germany; started his career from 1999 to 2002, followed by a floral technician to learn the latest techniques and design philosophy in Germany. In 2009, he opened his own floral handset factory, and achieved a few more success in the world’s top floral events, which is a typical representative of the international pioneer floral designer.

On June 11-13, 2015, on the 14th Floral World Cup, Jürgen Herold represents Germany to participate in the final finals, and get Ten.


Excellent techniques and delegates make them the German famous party, the high-end dinner, the art team. Their work is more frequently mounted to fashion magazines, often invited as a large-scale event performer and various floral event referees.

About DominiQue Herold

DominiQue Herold, natural female floral designer from Wisben, Germany, value, talented, personality, a flimist, European Master Master certified the highest points, with super-first floral design theoretical foundation and practical ability .


She is considered to be a pioneer flower designer with German floral bismuth Jürgen Herold, Björn Kroner. Regardless of color, techniques, or natural, non-natural materials use, DominiQue has its own unique insight, and has continuously launched new works, expressing her love for floral and nature.

– About the human floral show –

In this show, Jurgen and Dominique will join hands with the same performance, luxury T, long-legged model, most in human floral decoration, mainstream media live report, industry top people collectively – this floral show, destined to become China Flower Art New Year’s event.

Such as Jürgen proly, “pass a feeling, enhance the exchange of floral and indoor space, enhance the communication between floral and wearable people.” In this regard, we can’t look forward to it!

Jürgen Herold Performance Content: Indoor Space Floral Device Design

DominiQue Herold Performance: Body Floral Decoration Design

2017, Jurgen & Dominique Beijing Xiufang

– About B.Park Bloom Garden –

As the Shenzhen literary life landmark building, the popularity of the “B. Park Bloom Garden” is the bead triangle.


Outstanding decorative style, smuggling space combination, making it preferred here to have a well-known brand event such as Tencent, Huawei, Baidu, Vanke. In addition to the rich functional venues, there is a glass flower house that every floral teacher, flowers, green planted, and natural light, showing a vitality, filling the floral inspiration and the voids on the mortar.


For the shiny touch of this human body, before this, Germany will carry out 8 days of joint teaching, and the output will be used in this show. After the course, the participants will also participate in the preparations for the performance show of the two teachers and have the opportunity to become a show assistant.


In this course, the course is jointly lectured by Germany, and the curriculum innovation uses the “4 + 4” teaching mode. After the course of the course of the previous 4 days, the tutor will be exchanged, and the course will continue to complete the next 4 days.

After the course, the participants will also participate in the preparations for the performance show of the two teachers and have the opportunity to become a show assistant.

Deer Stone Learning Show Review:


▪ Christmas 2017, Queen accompany you in advance: Natalia Zizko Large floral show and Christmas trend conference ended tonight!


▪ Deer’s year of China Dai Show: Jinghua Jinghua, I respect you, I ~

▪ Alex Choi & Jinny Park World Champion Floral Show Works

▪ “Let Western Modern Flower Arts into Life” – Pim Van Den Akker Master Performance End


Finally, I wish you a long distance in Berlin and DominiQue.

Although I saw it in October, I have been very missing now.




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