Winter and spring alternate, hot and cold seasons are the easiest to “mess with clothes”, people in short sleeves and people wrapped in down jackets laugh at each other, as lively as watching “fashion week”!

In fact, the most important thing to wear in spring is to know the warmth and cold, and for 40-year-old middle-aged men, the most taboo thing is to dress too greasy, pull down the temperament and easily expose the age.

Changing seasons is not scary, as long as you choose the right clothing style and pay attention to styling, you can still wear a sense of premium.

In this issue, let’s talk to you about the 7 sets of spring outfits that are most suitable for 40-year-old men, taking into account demeanor and temperature, fashionable and high-class, and wearing them is very stylish!

Wear 1: suit + wide-leg pants

As an indispensable item for men, suits are especially common in spring wear. In addition to choosing an orthodox suit in the workplace, it is necessary,

For daily commutes, casual suits are entirely an option

, fashion is versatile and does not look serious.

With it, casual suits are very malleable, and can be matched with jeans, casual pants, etc., but the most recommended is to match wide-leg pants to take advantage of the pants

Shape the legs

, the overall shape is stylish and casual.

Wear 2: trench coat + trousers

The trench coat has a certain wind and warmth effect, but it does not feel stuffy when worn, making it perfect for spring wear.

In order to meet the needs of different occasions,

Try to choose a solid H fit for the trench coat

Layered over a shirt to create a half

Formal semi-casual

With a layered effect, underneath casual trousers and leather shoes, the overall look is both decent and not serious.

Wear 3: baseball uniform + jeans

Baseball uniforms benefit from the features and advantages of their fit,

“Short sleeves and long sleeves”

The cut helps to emphasize the position of the waistline, and coupled with its own fashion attributes, 40-year-old men wear it to reduce age and style.

Pair it with the advantage of enlarging your figure, choose a pair of straight-leg jeans below, step on the mid-tube boots, and take advantage of it

“Roll up the legs”

The details are elongated and the leg line is higher.

Wear 4: cargo jacket + casual trousers

The workwear style is very suitable for middle-aged men, handsome and age-reduced

。 Army-green cargo jacket with denim shirt inside for a stylish layering effect; The lower body is paired with straight-leg trousers, and the casual style retains the charm of a middle-aged man gentleman while also meeting the needs of more occasions, and wearing loafers barefoot is casual and personal.

Wear 5: leather jacket + wide-leg pants

When middle-aged men choose a leather jacket, try to use a well-fitting fit, without adding any decorative elements, and the classic black and brown are more practical.

Pair it underneath a pair of wide-leg trousers for a simple and textured Japanese outfit, with berets, sweaters, sunglasses and socks presented in red to enhance the visual and more yuffian.

Wear 6: knitted cardigan + casual pants

Spring is the best time to wear knitwear, especially knitted cardigans, which can be used as a coat to create a variety of looks.

A knitted cardigan with jacquard elements is layered over a denim jacket for layering and white slacks.

“Combination of complex and simple”

Make the overall look more highlighted.

Wear seven: white shirt + wide-leg trousers

Spring is incomplete without a white shirt, and the 40-year-old man wears both gentleman and grace, with black wide-leg trousers on the lower body, and the leg line stretched vertically is higher; With a belt to raise the position of the waistline, wearing sunglasses is cool and stylish~


I sincerely recommend that middle-aged men who are 40 years old do not dress indiscriminately in spring! The above 7 sets of styling and outfits recommended for everyone can easily get rid of greasy, fashionable age reduction and style, which is worth learning and learning~

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