At this time of year, the friends of the South and the North will start a new round of Battle: “Cooler than Cold”.

Southerners feel that the north is not cold when there is heating, and northerners feel that the south is also like spring blossoms at this time. So, where exactly is it colder in winter?

As a person from the south, I just want to say that there is a kind of cry:

The north does not understand the cold of the south!

The cold of the south, not only low temperature, but also comes with 80% armor penetrates the magic attack of the water attribute, regardless of the air, clothes or bedding, all “tide”.

But whether it is a small partner in the south or the north, in this weather, you must pay attention to keeping warm! Buying a down jacket is the right thing to do!

But I found that ah, the young people around me, there are always some “golden laws” in winter, such as

Don’t wear autumn pants in winter, and don’t touch a down jacket no matter how cold it is.

And look at fashion bloggers and female celebrities, who have concave their shapes with down jackets and shot blockbusters. Observe the secret of their fashionable dress, it’s quite exquisite! Learn with the grain!


Change your bottoms

When it comes to the bottom matching of down jackets, the first thing that many people think of is leggings. The combination of loose and tight upper and lower can subtly dissolve the bloated feeling of the down jacket, making it look thin and tall.

But it’s not very friendly for the little cutie with a slightly chubby lower body, let’s just say a whole fat chubby!

Wide-leg pants are your gospel pants

The loose fit can contain the flesh of the legs well, and it hangs down straight as if your legs were so straight!

Then someone said: The down jacket is already bloated, and isn’t it fatter with loose wide-leg pants?

The combination of wide top and wide bottom does have a certain risk of obesity, and to avoid this problem, I recommend

Choose a clean short.

With high-waisted wide-leg pants, not only will it not appear bloated, but it will increase the waist line and lengthen the proportion of the legs, and wear it all below the chest in minutes.

If the color of the down jacket is relatively light, you can change it from the style of wide-leg pants. For example, black bread clothes with lake blue wide-leg pants, a touch of color embellishment, adds a lot of fun to the look.

Or choose this year’s Instagram bloggers have a pair of wide-legged leggings, the legs are tucked into snow boots, the lazy atmosphere is full, it seems ordinary, but it looks like it has been carefully dressed.


Change the inner layer

Black down jacket is the first choice for most people, after all, it is durable and dirt-resistant, and it is not easy to make mistakes. But! Don’t be all black!

I found that many people like to layer black underwear, which seems unenergetic, and sometimes blends with bloated down jackets, looking fatter and full of passers-by.

We can’t avoid the swelling of down jackets, but you can get a little careful from the inside, use some color contrast inside, and put it

The visual center shifts from the down jacket to the underwear

, making people ignore the round down jacket.

And only a small part is exposed, so you can boldly choose this color exaggeration, not only to play the role of the finishing touch, but also to make the shape more light and full of vitality.

In addition to starting from the color, the choice of underwear does not have to be limited to undershirts, sweaters, etc., I think some sweatshirts are a good choice, and it is also very appropriate to take off your jacket indoors in winter, but be sure to grasp the sense of volume of the piece!

A little more advanced way of wearing,

Use layering to add chic

, the most recommended shirt + vest layering method, simply can increase the sense of detail.

It is worth noting that the sense of volume of the inner layer must be smaller than that of the down jacket, and the inner and outer loose can outline the curve of the figure, even if the down jacket version is relatively silhouette, but there is a feeling of a person shaking in the clothes, visually it is still thin.


Change the color

Although black is versatile, this does not prevent us from trying some bright down jackets.

But I still have to remind everyone, I still want to

Choose bright colors with low saturation

, such as some Morandi color series, with eye-catching attributes and very solid wear.

Especially the long down jacket, the proportion of the whole body itself is very large, if the color saturation is too high, one is too pompous, the other is not suitable for daily life, and the other is to increase the risk of showing old soil.

Small girls know that the short style is high, in addition to looking at the length, the color is also worth noting, the visual center of gravity of the bright down jacket is on the upper body, will

It works better than wearing dark colors

I specially planted this creamy strawberry-colored down jacket, which is white and has a strong girly feeling, and it is definitely the most eye-catching one in the gray outfit in winter!

Of course, the color of the whole body may not be the style of most people, so try the classic camel color.

Khaki, for example, is as versatile as black, but without the dullness of black. Paired with the same color wide-leg pants, the slight difference in the color scale brings a layered beauty, and even a bloated down jacket can be worn with a sense of luxury.


Change your accessories

Compared with the annual “upgrading” of summer clothes, most of my winter clothes have accompanied me for several winters, and I never get tired of wearing them.

But wearing it every year, I always feel a little tired, and the winter clothes are mostly black, white and gray, with fat styles, it is more dull.


Use accessories to break the dullness

It’s almost a must-have skill for fashionistas. The first thing that comes to mind for winter accessories is scarves.

Especially when the color of the down jacket is relatively plain, with the blessing of the scarf, not only the shape is more complete, but also brings the rich warmth unique to autumn and winter in terms of sight and touch.

Another necessary winter ritual is of course a beanie, which has the same status as a scarf,

Both fashion and practicality are high.

Don’t rush to put away the baseball cap in summer, and the utilization rate in winter is also very high, compared to being flooded in pure black, the whole person is much brighter.

In the “mass production” outfit, we need to take some “small means” to distinguish ourselves from the ordinary.

Today shared four fashionable passwords to wear down jackets, after reading today’s sharing, you will find that in fact, just spend a little care,

Warmth and beauty are not contradictory.

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