Domestic nostalgic toys as an important category in the toy collection, accompanied the author’s childhood to youth, these toys workmanship from the current perspective may not have entered the eyes of many young generations, but for us born in the 80s and 90s, here records the beauty of the past, in the era of relatively not rich material to add to the joy of life. At present, it has gradually become a hot field of toy collecting.

When we were young, did we often face the toys in the store in a daze, carefully studying what kind of deformed structure is under the packaging? Although I can’t afford it for a while, I always have to save money or be coquettish, lie on the ground and force it, and even find some way to steal some money from my parents and relatives when my parents don’t buy it, or cheekily ask my grandparents for subsidies to buy beloved toys. In order not to be discovered by his parents, the author even unpacked the toys and hid them under his clothes or in his school bag to take them home. Because of the toys, there was no less teaching or even scolding from parents. These toys not only witness the beautiful childhood time, they carry the care and love of the elders for us, and in the blink of an eye, thirty years have passed, do you remember the beauty at the beginning?

The author has always wanted to share his hobby and passion for toys with everyone in his own way, and after thinking about it, he felt that it was the best form to summarize and share it in the form of a book, but for various reasons, the author finally found that perhaps the dream could be realized more through the form of headlines. This can not only summarize and sort out their toy road in so many years, but also improve their written expression skills and share their experience in toy collection.

Some of these toys are accompanied by the author’s old friends who have been playing since childhood, some of them were bought when they were children but could not afford them or missed for various reasons, and some were specially bought by the author for feelings and collections after work, except for a few Korean products, they are all products of the motherland.

This series is the author combined with his many years of toy collection, mainly to the end of the last century around the millennium nostalgic toys to make a simple inventory, in view of the limited strength, although unable to make an encyclopedic guide, but also hope to bring a sincere touch to those who have had related toys, but also to provide a preliminary index for new players, have a general understanding of these games, but also have a price reference, so as to avoid detours, to avoid being deceived. I hope to at least let interested friends go back to the old time together and find the excitement of the past.

Mainly according to the IP, the toys are divided into four outlines: brave, team, transformers and others. This book does not represent a complete classification and collection of nostalgic toys, only a simple summary of the author’s own collection, some classifications may not be accurate and complete, I hope you understand.

The prices in the article are all obtained by the author based on his actual purchase experience, and the purchase price is the actual purchase price of the author at that time, which is only used as a certain degree of reference. The height and weight parameters of the toys are also measured by the author one by one, so please understand if there is any error.

If you have any questions and advice, please leave a message with the author. It is hoped that this series will allow readers to relax their minds temporarily at their leisure time and relive the old time with the author.

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