After many women pass the age of forty, their dressing begins to slowly become “grounded”, and dressing only focuses on comfort, but ignores the sense of fashion. But each age has its own unique temperament, and we can’t wear down the heart of beauty because of age.

There are many 40+ female stars in the fashion circle, who still dress themselves carefully every day, and Masu is a good example.

Today, An An will analyze Ma Su’s outfit for everyone. Masu released a set of looks a few days ago, wearing a long trench coat in the summer, which looks stuffy for dyeing, but there are disadvantages and advantages, and it has a good sun protection effect.

Moreover, the long trench coat she chose uses a large area of tiled white, which is much fresher than some dark trench coats, which is not only eye-catching but also reduces the feeling of stuffiness.

If you are in a cooler place such as the grassland, you can wear a long trench coat with a T-shirt or suspenders, but if your area is more stuffy, then obediently choose a light and breathable sunscreen shirt!

It is worth noting that Masu also added a fisherman’s hat to the look, which not only added a casual and fashionable feeling to the overall look, but also played a physical sunscreen effect, and the sunscreen work was implemented very thoroughly.

In addition to Ma Su’s latest look, her past styling also has many ways to wear that are suitable for 40+ women. An An will come to send a wave of benefits to everyone today, recommend several Masu fashionable wearing methods, very temperament~

How to choose “summer items”?

Tips1: According to the “body”, choose the “shape” that suits you

(1) How to choose an apple-shaped body?

When 40+ women choose the right piece for them, the first thing they need to consider is the problem of figure.

The apple-shaped body is characterized by a relatively strong upper body, and has a short board with a thick waist and a wide crotch

At this time, when choosing a piece, you can focus on how to modify the figure of the upper body.

Ma Su’s boyfriend shirt is a very good choice.

Use a loose fit to cover the short board of the upper body and crotch, and wear it with shorts, leggings, etc. to make a “missing underwear” outfit

, can not only modify the figure, but also show off the slender and slender leg line, kill two birds with one stone!

(2) How to choose a pear-shaped body?

If you belong to a pear-shaped body with thick legs and wide hips, then when you start with a piece, you should focus on choosing a style that can define the lower body.

Masu’s wide-leg pants are very suitable for pear-shaped figures,

The loose and fat trouser legs can cover all the fat on the legs, and with the tightened waistband, while outlining the small man’s waist, it can also modify the crotch width, which is simply not too practical. Of course

In addition to wide-leg pants, turnip pants, tapered pants or cargo pants are also very good choices

(3) How to choose an H-shaped body?

Finally, it’s for the H-shaped body. H-shaped body is mainly the waist line is not obvious, the upper and lower body is straight, if we want to change such a figure, then we have to shape the “waist line” the day after tomorrow by dressing. Masu’s cinched-in dress is a demonstration of the right outfit,

Tighten the position of the waist line with the design of the cinched waist,

At the same time, it ensures that the skirt is relatively loose, and people’s eyes are tightly fixed on the waist, easily creating a curved figure.


We can also choose more “tight and loose” wearing methods, using a combination of a slim top and loose bottoms, or manually tightening the position of the waist line with the “top tucked into the waistband”

, will also make your body look curvy!

Tip2: According to the “style”, choose the “color” that suits you

After solving the problem of figure, we can consider more advanced wearing methods and pay more attention to the color selection of items. If you like a simpler shape, you can start with solid color items and solid color items,

Masu paired a taro purple suit with a taro purple skirt to create a “tonal” outfit

, both age-reducing and advanced.


If you prefer to wear a more temperamental way, you can start with Morandi tops and classic bottoms

, it will look more advanced and atmospheric, very suitable for 40+ years old women to do mature and stable dressing.

If you feel that the solid color is too monotonous, then we may wish to start with a style with “multi-color elements”, such as Masu’s printed dress. With white as the base color, tiled with color prints, not only can break the monotony of white, but also add a lively and playful feeling, and have an excellent age-reducing effect.


Women aged 40+ should pay attention when buying printed skirts, try to avoid light-colored small floral skirts

, will be contrary to their own age, and look like they will be suspected of pretending to be tender. more

It is recommended that you buy a dark floral dress or a printed dress with a large print

, it will look more mature and stable.

Masu outfit appreciation

Finally, let’s send you a wave of benefits, Amway a few Masu outfits, if you like it, learn it quickly! First of all, it’s the combination of this oversized shirt and daddy shoes. The oversized fit is very fat, can give you a full sense of security and space, and has an excellent finishing effect on the upper body.

However, this style of shirt has a strong sense of drape, if worn with trousers and long skirts, it is easy to look dragged and cumbersome. therefore

, It is recommended that you wear it directly as a skirt or with a pair of shorts to create a sense of déjà vu of “missing underwear”

, it will look more thinner. At this time,

Pair it with a pair of daddy shoes with a high sense of volume to raise the soles of your feet while avoiding top-heavyness

to make your legs look slender and slender!

Cycling pants have also been relatively popular in the fashion circle in recent years, with ultra-high elasticity and restraint, which can tightly wrap the thighs and shape the legs, and look more legs. resemble

Masu paired a loose sweatshirt with cycling pants to create a contrast of “loose up and tight bottom”

, further shrinks the line of sight, shows the slimming effect up,

Perfect for 40+ years old apple-shaped body to wear age-reducing wear!

Today, the sharing of Ma Su’s outfit is over, if you are also very interested in Ma Su’s outfit, then you may wish to learn quickly, get the same style of the star, fashionable and temperamental, 40 + years old women try it quickly~

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