1. Commuting Korean version mid-length skirt puffy skirt umbrella skirt, swing high-waist slim pleated skirt mid-skirt.

3. Organza high-waisted skirt, chiffon short skirt, puffy skirt, umbrella skirt, gauze skirt.

4. Spring and summer chiffon women’s short skirt, Korean version of high-waist pleated puffy skirt with an A-line umbrella skirt.

5. Short skirt summer A-line skirt, trouser skirt, bottom pleated skirt, skirt, puffy skirt, umbrella skirt.

7. Swing skirt, summer pleated hip skirt, puffy skirt, umbrella skirt short skirt.

8. Bottom skirt spring and autumn new fluffy tweed, A-line skirt, pleated skirt, short skirt, winter skirt, umbrella skirt.

9, Song Huiqiao’s same skirt space cotton, pleated skirt high-waisted thin umbrella skirt puffy short skirt.

10. Skirt pleated skirt, puffy umbrella skirt with high waist bottom, short skirt bag skirt.

11. European and American big brand retro swan print pleated skirt, mid-length skirt, spring A-line skirt, large swing umbrella skirt, medium skirt.

12. Solid color fox print loose skirt.

13. Knitted Han Fan skirt, pleated skirt, puffy umbrella skirt, high-waist underskirt A-line skirt.

14. Skirt, puffy umbrella skirt, sun pleated culottes, Korean version of large size high-waist A-line short skirt.

15. European and American printed umbrella skirt floral skirt, pleated skirt women’s puffy short skirt A-line skirt.

16. Korean version print thin short skirt, umbrella skirt silhouette skirt.

18. High-waisted short skirt, skirt, skirt, winter skirt, puffy skirt, umbrella skirt, A-line culottes, sun skirt.

19. Umbrella skirt, short skirt, skirt, high-waisted puffy skirt, Korean version stretch A-line skirt mini skirt.

20. Retro high-waist A-line skirt umbrella skirt, puffy skirt, skirt short skirt.

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