【 Scarf 】

shuyou53: The material package is 4 balls (400 grams) of Yunshu thread, after weaving a ball of thread, I found that the length was 52 cm, and I felt that the length of 3 balls of woven scarf should be enough, so I came up with the idea of weaving the same hat as the scarf pattern, first knitting the hat, and the rest of the thread was all woven into the scarf, and finally all of it was completed.

Finished size: length 172cm, width 20cm (if ironed flat, it is estimated to be 30cm, but I like this natural roll)

With needle: scarf 4.0mm ring needle

I chose the luxury version of the twist model, No. 8 color, Chinese red, the pattern woven is three-dimensional, elastic, and the matching hat is even more unique.

Compilation Instructions

1. Bottom edge: 67 stitches by the method of knitting and starting needles, 28 rows of single ribbing, two needles at the head and tail for the lower needle, one needle in the middle and one stitch and lower interval, 28 rows of single ribbing, and the amount of thread used is about 20 grams

2, the main body pattern: the main body 67 needles, according to the illustration of the flowers, the length of the main body can be determined according to the amount of wire, but pay attention to the symmetry of the pattern, my luck, three groups of thread plus the rest of the thread of the knitting hat, leaving 22 grams of single ribbing on the other side of the weaving, the twist pattern woven is exactly symmetrical, there is a picture and a real image Oh

3. Single ribbing on the other side, after weaving 28 lines, I found that there were 2-3 meters more, I was reluctant to cut it, I knitted 2 more rows, can you see it with a clear eye

Moonlight Dragonfly: This scarf uses a fun woven Yunshu twist scarf material package, according to the paper illustration in the material package, no 4.00mm ring needle is used, I changed to a bamboo needle 3.75mm short straight needle, after the scarf is knitted, soft and skin-friendly, beautiful color, can’t put it down, three groups of Yunshu thread just used up, there is still a ball to weave another twist hat, winter matching wear, thinking it must be very beautiful.

Cable: Big red Yunshu 3 group 100g/group

Tools: Shunlin bamboo needle 3.75mm short needle, mark buckle, sewing needle, twist needle

Size: Tiling capacity length 160cm width 16cm (twist type elastic)

Compilation of notes

1. Use 3.75mm short straight needle to lift 66 elastic double threads, and weave 28 rows of double threads.

2. The pattern of the main body of the scarf is 26 needles and 36 rows of a whole group, the number of needles in the main row is 67 stitches, and the double thread is 66 stitches after the needle, so in the first row of the main body to add a stitch, the main pattern is arranged according to the diagram, first weave the first row to the forty-second line on the diagram, and then repeat the weaving of the seventh row to the forty-second row ten times, the main body knits a total of 438 lines.

3. Double thread on the other side: After the main body pattern is completed, there are a total of 67 stitches at this time, and the number of stitches and rows of the double thread on both sides needs to be the same, so after the main body is completed and another needle is subtracted, 28 rows are woven for 66 stitches, and the edge is closed with the elastic double thread of the sewing needle, the thread is hidden, and it is completed.

【 Cap 】

shuyou53: The hat shape refers to a beautiful hat suitable for all ages, the basic arrangement of flowers and weaving is roughly the same as the original, and the twist type of the scarf is taken in the middle 10 stitches

With needle: hat 3.75 straight needle

Thread amount: 75 grams

1. Main body: 10 stitches from the needle method, 2 stitches in the interrow, after adding to 58 stitches, do not add or reduce the weaving pattern, the specific method can refer to the post of willing to hand, after weaving to the appropriate length, reduce the needle accordingly, reduce the needle accordingly, reduce to the remaining 10 stitches, remove the pin at the beginning, and stitch it legally with the front stitch.

(The main semi-finished product, the first marking buckle is the completion of the needle,

The second mark buckle is the midpoint of the hat commentary, and the overall arrangement of flowers should be symmetrical)

(Hat body complete)

(Remove the stitch and stitch)

2. Top of the hat: pick 90 needles, knit with 4 needle rings, every 9 stitches for a group of flowers, press 6 up and 3 down rows of flowers, 3 needles under the copper money flower (4 rows and 1 flower), the first circle is the needle pick, after the needle line is completed, the second circle begins to weave the first copper money flower, when weaving the second copper money flower, subtract one stitch on both sides of the 6-needle upper needle, so, after the upper needle is reduced, the last copper money flower is woven with three stitches and one stitch in the middle, and the last 10 stitches are tightened with thread and completed

(10 copper money flowers in a circle on the top of the hat, woven in a circle, two stitches per 4 rows)

Moonlight Dragonfly: There are 4 balls of thread in the material bag, knit the scarf hat, the thread is just used up, the big red scarf hat is also very good with the autumn gray outer suit, warm and comfortable, so I love it ^_^

Cable: Big red Yunshu 1 ball 100g/group

Size: Flat size, head circumference 56cm, cap depth 17cm (twist model elastic)

1. 10 knitting main body from the other thread, 2-1-1 needles are added from the two sides, the cannabis flowers of the middle 10 needles are the main pattern, one needle is added to the front side of each row on both sides, and no needles are added on the reverse side, and the flowers are arranged in order: 10 needles washboard needle + 2 needles fishbone needle + 2 needles + 3 copper money needles + 2 needles + 10 needles of cannabis flower + 2 needles + 3 copper money needles + 2 needles + 3 copper money needles + 2 needles + 2 needles of fishbone needles + 10 needles of washboard needles.

Add needles to the middle of the hat is the widest place, a total of 58 stitches, from the starting needle to the top count of the copper money flower at the very edge, knitting to the 23rd copper money flower began to gradually reduce the needle, the front side of each row on each side of each side minus one needle, the reverse side does not reduce the needle, corresponding to the law when adding the needle when starting the needle, reduce to the last 10 stitches to stop reducing the needle, disassemble the needle thread, use the needle to wear the 10 stitches at the beginning, and the sewing needle is seamlessly stitched.

2. Use three short straight needles to pick up one side of the hat with 90 stitches, 30 stitches on the three needles, circle the copper money flower hat top, arrange the flowers in order: 3 needles copper money flower + 3 needles on the needle, a group of 6 needles, each row of patterns on the three needles 5 groups, each time a copper money flower is knitted, one upper needle is reduced, and when there are 15 stitches left on the needle, wear it with a sewing needle and tighten it, hide the thread, and complete.

• end •

Compilation Instructions

Tools: Shunlin bamboo needle 3.75mm short needle, mark buckle, sewing needle, twist needle

Compilation of notes

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