For pillows, pillowcases, perhaps most people tend to pay attention to design, only a few friends will pay attention to materials, fabrics, etc., today with you to popularize science: in fact, the fabric (material) of pillows and pillowcases determines its comfort, which in turn affects your sleep quality!

So, just like cotton pillowcases, colored cotton pillowcases, bamboo fiber pillowcases, etc., which one is better? Do you need to wash a new pillowcase? How to clean it separately? Let’s take a look.

1. Cotton pillowcase

Advantages of fabrics: good moisture absorption, good warmth, good heat resistance, good alkali resistance, natural, antistatic fabrics. Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink

Cotton fabric is a kind of fabric produced by using cotton as raw material and using textile skills. It has the advantages of good moisture absorption, good warmth, good heat resistance, good alkali resistance, etc., and is the world’s largest application range of clothing fiber.

Pillowcase is an item close to the skin, it is recommended to choose soft cotton material, sleep very comfortable, but also choose active printing and dyeing process cotton fabric, not only the color is relatively saturated, but also long-term washing will not fade.

Cleaning method: As with newly purchased textiles, cotton pillowcases are still recommended to be cleaned before use. It is recommended to wash with soapy water or cold water neutral detergent, be careful not to soak for a long time, do not use bleach, light colors should be washed separately.

Second, bamboo fiber pillowcase

Fabric advantages: silky soft and warm, antibacterial, moisture absorption and breathability, anti-ultraviolet rays, natural, comfortable and beautiful fabric. Disadvantages: the service life is not as long as cotton

Bamboo fiber is a new type of fabric made of bamboo.

The delicate and silky texture pampers your sleep time. It will not deform after washing, and it is breathable and hygroscopic. Called “breathing fiber”! It is also warm in winter and cool in summer!

In addition, it also has the advantages of antibacterial and bacteriostatic. 

Cleaning method:

For the newly bought bamboo fiber pillowcase, Xiaobian recommends that babies wash it before using it. Even the most expensive fabrics will inevitably leave some smell on the pillowcase during the dyeing and finishing process. And generally newly bought textiles must be washed before use, so wash it first. When cleaning, pay attention to the pillowcase made of bamboo fiber should not be vigorously rubbed and wrung out, nor do you need to add softener. When machine washing, it should be put in a laundry bag, and when washing at the beginning, a small amount of detergent is sufficient. In addition, do not expose and dry in the sun, natural air drying can be.

Third, the color cotton pillowcase

Fabric advantages: skin-friendly, green, healthy and natural, antistatic, good moisture absorption and breathability, gentle and hazy color, disadvantages: single color

“Color cotton” is a new type of textile raw material cultivated by modern bioengineering technology that has a natural color when the cotton is spit out, that is, the cotton itself has white, brown, green and other colors, and can be directly woven into cloth without dyeing.

Because its color is derived from natural pigments, the printing and dyeing process is reduced during processing. It retains the characteristics of the natural fiber of cotton, and the texture is of course also very skin-friendly and soft, which is more conducive to human health. And the color of colored cotton is often hazy, and it looks very gentle!

First of all, for the newly bought colored cotton pillowcase, it still needs to be cleaned. Because pillowcases in the process of textile and packaging, will come into contact with machines or humans! Be careful not to use acidic detergents when washing, it is recommended to use neutral soap or detergent!

Cleaning method:

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