Clothes for my husband’s niece.

The little girl graduated from college in 2019,

I hope she is like this spring flower,

Unafraid of wind and snow, Ling Han is arrogant,

Warm and splendid, welcome the most beautiful spring of life.

With needles: Shunlin 3.5 4.0

Thread: Aishangjia mink down 4 strands with a total of 539g

Weaving method:

Rear piece: 3.5 gauge needle from 128 double Rowan 20 lines for 4.0 gauge knit chain needle 164 rows, back collar 38 stitches, cutout collar 2-2-12-1-1 45 stitches each shoulder

The front piece is the same as the back piece, after 82 rows of chain needles, add 6 stitches and then arrange 18 stitches of twist as shown in the figure, and the needles are separated by 2 needles, once every 8 rows of tattoos. After 60 rows, dig the front collar 2-4-1 2-3-12-2-2 2-1-3 4-1-1 4-row flat

Sleeve: pick 82 needles in 4 groups of twists, after 3 times of twisting, all received to 70 needles, continue the chain needle 76 rows, change the 3.5 gauge knit double thread 20 rows.

Collar: 3.5 gauge needle pick 112 knit 18cm double thread

Below is a certain treasure picture for reference, and the bean green is particularly good-looking

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