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Speaking of Wu Jinyan, they are all very familiar, not only the acting is excellent, but also the appearance is super high. Wu Jinyan in life, a very low-key person, even the clothes are like her character, low-key and textured, the whole person looks particularly fashionable, low-key foreign style should be the most beautiful.

The autumn and winter season is here, the weather is getting cooler, so everyone wears autumn clothes, even down jackets, but many girls are entangled, how to choose a down jacket, in order to be beautiful and thin? This is also a common problem for popular girls.

For down jackets, it also has a lot of colors, then black and white have always been the most common classic colors of down jackets, white is pure and clean, black is thin, can accommodate a variety of figures.

Like this down jacket worn by Wu Jinyan, it is a very good feeling, short style, exquisite and generous, so it is easy and simple to wear, and easy to control.

And the white and clean color is easier to set off the girl’s fresh temperament and beautiful appearance

Short down jackets are also easier to match, especially this loose fit, you can choose jeans, sweatpants, smoke pants, etc. Then she matched with sports casual pants, which have a loose fit and can better modify the shortcomings of the lower body, so for girls with imperfect lower bodies, you can wear them like this.

In fact, for sports casual wear, it is also very comfortable to wear on weekdays, as an inside, the outside is very casual and versatile. Looking at her outfit, does it give you a very relaxed feeling, a relaxed pleasure that radiates from the inside out.

Black stand-up collar sweatshirt, pullover style, short fit fit, perfect for girls with slim upper bodies

。 Then the style of the stand collar, compared to the hooded model, is more like a jacket, so be sure to choose the inner layer when wearing.

She matched a green T-shirt, wearing black on the outside and green on the inside, the color has been excessive, the outside is dark and the inside is light, and it is more layered. Dark green sweatpants, the overall color is very comfortable, and it gives a very warm feeling.

There is no busy work, girls like to dress themselves up in their leisure time, hide age, reduce age dress has always been the favorite of girls. Then for Wu Jinyan’s set of age-reducing outfits, it must have fascinated the eyes of many people.

The small fragrant style vest is slim and thin, and it is particularly delicate for reducing age

。 For the choice of vest, we are often very entangled, so the frequency of wearing is very low, in fact, such a style is still very set off the exquisite beauty of the girl.

Vest with shirt, they are probably never separated CP, pure white shirt, loose sleeves give people a casual feeling, then black and white matching is also the most classic.

However, for the vest, it is more suitable for girls with a slender body, and the slightly fat body is carefully chosen, and you can choose a down vest to create a casual style, and it is not suitable for this light luxury style.

Plaid coats are common, but plaid pants are still rare. The reason why plaid pants are rare is because it is easier to appear fat, and the clear pattern design of the check will always make people look dazzling.

And the checked pants are very picky, from this you can see how perfect Wu Jinyan’s figure is, and he can easily wear it. The black and white check is visually eye-catching, and it seems that the eyes are instantly focused on the pants. The slender waist line and straight long legs are very attractive.

The whole color, no other color matching, very clean and pure, so for the fashion age-reducing dressing, not pink, green can be dressed out, in fact, black and white will also bring you a different beauty.

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