As our intimate and intimate item, underwear has always played a role that cannot be ignored and is known as the second skin of the human body.

I don’t know when the panties also evolved from a fig leaf into various strange shapes and patterns of ornaments.

Don’t be fooled by appearances, certain uniquely shaped panties may be threatening your health.

Arctic velvet to tell you, panties, how to choose.

First, look at the fabric

The intimacy of 24-hour companionship, only underwear can do. Therefore, the choice of underwear, a very important aspect is the choice of material, the market underwear, there are five main materials: cotton, modal fiber, bamboo fiber, ice silk and silk.

The lower body is covered tightly, and it is easy to breed bacteria when stuffy, so it is better for girls to choose pure cotton for underwear. Arctic velvet Japanese mid-rise panties, the use of pure cotton material, natural fiber breathability naturally needless to say, so that your underwear will breathe ~

But the characteristics of pure cotton that are easy to deform and shrink, presumably many people have experienced, so Arctic velvet Japanese mid-rise panties, add a small amount of spandex to the trouser body, so breathable and elastic, there are! The crotch is still made of pure cotton, which is more gentle to the private parts.

I think the breathability of the Arctic velvet mid-rise panties is really good, and the cotton crotch is also very comfortable to wear. Sisters who like the breathable function should not miss it~

Second, look at the style

The most common style of underwear is briefs. However, due to the existence of some functional products, there are also boxer pants, pentagonal pants, and briefs upgraded version of the “thong”, different styles of wearing experience are different.

For daily wear, I recommend briefs the most! I used to think that the boxer pants were warmer, and I wore them a few times, but then I gave up decisively. After all, the comfort requirements of the aunt period are higher, or briefs are practical. And thongs or something, in my eyes are sex toys.

Arctic velvet mid-rise panties are comfortable briefs with a non-sensual stretch waistband that won’t stretch your hips and thighs. Finally there are no panties that will strangle my thighs to reddened, I am really impressed! The elasticity is also very good, has a certain buttock lifting effect, and is also more suitable for sticking to the aunt towel~

Third, look at safety

How dirty can a pair of panties be? A pair of dirty underwear carries an average of 0.1 grams of feces, and there are salmonella, E. coli and other bacteria in the feces. Even if it is properly washed and dried, the bacteria on it cannot be completely killed.

So proper cleaning is not enough! This requires the strength of the underwear itself to help the health of the fairies’ private parts!

Arctic velvet mid-rise underwear adopts antibacterial inner file design, with fiber blend antibacterial contact layer, which can effectively inhibit Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus yellow and Candida albicans, adding a health protection to your private parts!

It also has many styles, and there are many colors for you to choose. And they are all Japanese college style color system, really drop very healthy! My favorite lace one! Which one do you fancy?

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