Many women in life with age for fashion control ability will be lower and lower, as the age increases, the figure will often appear blessed or out of shape, for middle-aged women, when dressing on the body and out of shape is easy to affect the whole person’s clothing, but the female star Che Xiao is getting more and more beautiful, wearing a black knitted cardigan with short hair, the more you look at it, the more advanced.

Che Xiao’s styling analysis:

Basic color matching – simple and practical

Che Xiao is getting more and more beautiful, wearing a black knitted cardigan elegant and atmospheric, and the bones are high-class. Che Xiao wore a very simple basic black sweater, this basic black is very friendly to women of all ages, especially for slightly older mature women, in order to reduce the difficulty of dressing, you can try more basic color matching, simple atmosphere can also wear enough practicality.

Turtleneck undershirt – add a touch of texture

Che Xiao paired a high-neck style undershirt in the black knitted cardigan, the high-neck version of the inner layer can show enough high-end sense on the body, for mature women is very useful, the warmth effect is also very strong, but this high-neck style of the inner layer for the neck line requirements will be very high, the neck line is not slender enough, it will be easy to appear that the neck is short and thick.

Tonal combination – simple and harmonious

If you want to wear a simple and low-key and harmonious matching effect on the whole body, you can try to start with color matching, and use the basic color matching to present a sense of visual harmony, simple and low-key black wearing Che Xiao’s body is not ostentatious at all, but it exudes an aura that cannot be ignored.

Short hair styling – neat and feminine

Che Xiao matched a neat and capable short hair style when wearing black, the short hair style is very testing the face shape, the face shape is not delicate enough, it will be easy to show the old matching effect, but the short hair on Che Xiao’s head with a delicate styling design with a little curly curve, can not only highlight the sense of neatness but also show enough femininity.

Che Xiao’s other styling analysis:

Slanted shoulder sweater + burgundy hip skirt

The slanted shoulder style sweater with the burgundy hip skirt uses the upper body is more lazy in the design of the style, and the lower body is more slim to present a visual contrast, the upper body is looser, full of comfort, and the lower body is designed to highlight the perfect waist-hip ratio, which is both sexy and bold and can show the charm of the figure.

Sleeveless suit suit

Sleeveless style suit wear on the body can show enough freshness and chic, compared to the traditional suit suit, this style design will present a stronger sense of fashion, this sleeveless style suit using vertical stripes to decorate, can highlight the personalized sense of fashion and through the vertical stripes to highlight the practicality of tall and thin.

Check suit + color-block wide-leg jeans

Check style suit top with color-blocking wide-leg pants, in the overall color matching presents a very simple and low-key feeling, the design of check elements reduces the rigidity and seriousness of the suit in the style design, the lower body with loose color-block wide-leg pants, can not only show the richness of color matching but also through the loose legs to highlight the effect of modifying the leg shape.

Army green jumpsuit – bursting with foreign atmosphere

Army green is very useful for fair-skinned young ladies, simple and low-key but can highlight the superiority of skin tone, this jumpsuit is very simple in the design of the style, with a length of 9 points, can be matched with a sense of neatness and can show the slenderness of the figure by showing the ankles.

Che Xiao is really the older and more amazing, the older he is, the more temperamental, and he is also very tasteful in dressing, young ladies of the same age who can’t dress, hurry up and learn.

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