As a traction-type knot fastener such as an inner buckle, it is simpler and more natural and visually beautiful. With white small leg pants, it is resistant to dirt and thin, versatile and not picky, super white and temperamental, so pure and refreshing color matching and snow days are more compatible!

The actual wearing degree of fried chicken is high, it is really a dress that makes you feel better! Its shape has some oversize, but the whole is actually a small short design, which will have a very natural loose sense of fashion.

Compared with some new white shoes that integrate sports elements or have been continuously improved to cater to different baby tastes, I believe that there are some girls with unique vision who still like the classic style of small white shoes, with rich layers of splicing design, with small round head last, the foot shape is naturally wrapped into a slender look. A thickened anti-wear pad is made inside the heel to cushion friction and make it more comfortable.

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