The pull-out sofa bed is now one of the necessary furniture for many young people’s homes, which can be used as a bed and a sofa, which is very beneficial for small apartments, then

Pull-out sofa bed single person

What about the price? What are the characteristics of a pull-out sofa bed? Do you know what brands are of good quality? Let’s take a closer look at it today.

Pull-out sofa bed single price

Single folding sofa bed price one: the price of single folding bed generally has a certain relationship with its functionality, generally the price of a relatively simple single folding sofa bed may be about a few hundred yuan, this single sofa bed is not suitable for long-term use, occasionally use it can buy this sofa bed.

Single folding sofa bed price two: The general single folding bed price is about one or two thousand, this price of single folding bed is relatively good, from all aspects of quality is good, this is also the price of most people buy single folding sofa bed.

Single folding sofa bed price three: slightly better single folding sofa bed price will be more expensive, mostly leather and solid wood, generally better single folding sofa bed price may also be in the thousands of yuan, in the purchase of careful purchase.

Pull-out sofa bed single features

1. This is a sofa with a spring inside, and when pulled out, it is a small size single bed. Folding sofa bed single bed, generally using the backrest and seat surface with a locking mechanism to connect, when the locking mechanism is opened, so that the backrest can be placed to a degree, parallel to the seat surface, constitute a single bed.

2. For small families, placing a pull-out sofa bed at home is a very suitable choice. The sofa separates the two functions of sofa and bed, saving space to the maximum.

3. Save space, can be changed by a variety of ways, can be used as a sofa or a bed, and has many functions.

4. Easy to carry, save time and effort. Sleep soft and comfortable.

5. The disadvantage is that it is not good for bone growth and development, it is not good for the spine, and some people sleep in soft beds or dream, or even nightmares.

Single type of pull-out sofa bed

1. Two-fold two-fold sofa bed is simple in design and use, and is more common in the market. The bed frame and bed surface of this sofa bed are connected, and only four diagonal feet are exposed, which is more beautiful

See. Usually it’s just an ordinary couch, and when you need to use it, you can turn it into a bed by pressing the back of the sofa back, which is convenient.

2, three-flip type We commonly see the traditional front and rear three-flip type, the construction principle is similar to the old folding wire bed, there is a three-fold bed skeleton, with a sponge mat, the skeleton is not wrapped in any cloth.

3. Combined sofa bed, in fact, from the appearance of a set of combined corner sofa, some are composed of two completely equal semi-circular sofas, and some are composed of several square sofas. When put together, this combination corner sofa can be transformed into a complete bed, complete with headboard and armrests.

4, “lazy” style “lazy” sofa bed is actually a large bag, this sofa bed is without a keel, need to stand against the wall, if tiled on the ground, it becomes a simple bed. And its inner tank can be taken out, easy to clean. This “lazy” sofa bed is suitable for young people living alone, not only beautiful appearance, but also easy to move, and the price is also very affordable.

Pull-out sofa bed brand recommendation

1. Qumei

As one of the few standardized furniture groups in China that integrates design, production and sales, Qumei Furniture Group has always taken the spread of furniture culture and developing countries as its own responsibility in the process of steady development for many years. Qumei folding sofa has a unique style charm and has become a modern furniture brand with a sense of design in China.


IKEA believes that we are familiar with the brand furniture, IKEA’s folding sofa is not only unique in shape, but also has good storage function and good quality. I believe that many friends who know IKEA will like IKEA’s folding sofa.

3. Gujia craftsmanship

Gujia craft multi-functional folding sofa brand is a company specializing in sofa stool upholstered furniture, in the development of Gujia craft multi-functional folding sofa brand for more than 20 years, has been committed to providing comfortable, safe, environmentally friendly, humanized furniture and professional living room layout solutions for global families, by the design team composed of many countries around the world at least 50 ideas per day for Gujia craft multi-functional folding sofa can produce more satisfactory furniture.

4. Chivas Regal

Bring home the Chivas Regal sofa, bring home comfort and health” is an advertisement for the Hong Kong multi-functional folding sofa brand Chivas Regal. Chivas Regal has ranked first in the sofa sales list for many times and has become the preferred brand for Hong Kong citizens to buy sofas. After Chivas entered the mainland market, it had a great impact on the multi-functional folding sofa brands in the mainland market, and many multi-functional folding sofa brands began to innovate designs to avoid being occupied by Chivas Regal.

5. Belle

Belle is a brand of lazy sofa, lazy sofa most of the storage is more convenient, folding performance is also better, I believe you will be able to bring infinite joy to your leisure time, Belle’s folding sofa style is more, you can choose well.

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