Do you know? In summer, men also have troubles: on hot days, how stuffy it should be to wear leather shoes or sneakers to and from work!

Of course, hot feet will make men immediately raise their body temperature! Maybe it will also bring a short temper! As a result, the designer of the brand’s leather shoes is indeed powerful, and has preemptively designed a low-heeled and high-heeled leather shoes slippers. Because the shoes fit perfectly and have a unique design, men are full of fashionable charm! Already popular for this:

The brand (Orton), this is a unique and sensational product, the curve of the toe of the shoe is beautiful, creating a men’s luxurious fashion style

Men’s brand leather sandals: Bullock

In summer, shoes are really important! Especially for the overall image of successful people

Branded (Zlatan), these leather sandals have a perfectly curved design and a flat heel that gives men a natural appeal

The business scene looks formal and fashionable (brands: Brock, Orton)

Unlike the low-heeled slippers above, the height is about 5.5 cm, so you can feel that the men are cool and personable

The overall design of leather shoes and slippers is very masculine, which is the best shoe for men to wear with various clothes in summer

With a touch of androgynous sexiness, this is a must-have for men looking for a high-end style

Men wearing leather slippers can be fashionable and have a cool sense of human advantage

Seeing this, I want to say: For short men, I strongly recommend wearing high-heeled leather shoes and slippers, because it can increase height! At the same time, this style of shoes can give people a sexy but fashionable feeling, really very good, whether you wear a T-shirt or a shirt, whether you wear trousers or knee-high pants, leather shoe slippers are suitable for you, and importantly, the overall appearance of men is clean! So I highly recommend it as a must-have item for men in the summer.

(Tips: The text of this article is original, and the picture is from the Korea Fashion Institute friendly sharing)

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