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With a continuous stream of cold air, it’s time to share some of what I love about undershirts. I don’t know what you like in autumn and winter, but my favorite is the sweatshirt and slim turtleneck. Although turtleneck sweaters also look good, they always feel comfortable and almost meaningful, so this article mainly shares the undershirts of Modal and Dejung. Compared with knitted fabrics, these two fabrics are a little thinner, the stretch is better, the fit is slim, and it is more suitable for priming.

I put Taobao and Ali links out, because some models may not be so easy to apply for a dropshipping, and wholesale may not be able to return, it is best to ask clearly before placing an order, so as not to trouble, these yards are determined to buy more than two pieces are no problem, I think they are easier to wear.


The modal fabric is thinner

The first one is of modal fabric, whether it is a T-shirt or underwear, the comfort is very good, soft and skin-friendly, and the elasticity is moderate. A little thin may not be suitable for wearing alone, but it looks good as a bottom sweatshirt or shirt or other top. Although it is very thin, it can still be warmed with other items, and the sweatshirt I usually wear the most, even if I sweat, it will not stain the sweater.

I chose XL for this one, and stronger friends can choose a size bigger. If you buy this one, you can go to Taobao to buy it, the price free shipping should be cheaper than Ali, buy more than two pieces can be ordered by Ali.

Black is indispensable in autumn and winter

Whatever you take, it’s better to ride

Gray is also good-looking

XL clothes long I wear about this


Non-marking neckline

Single-sided fleece

Non-marking cuffs

Marks no hem

The second one is a velvet fabric, this one is only the inner layer of velvet, and the outer texture also looks good and comfortable to the touch. A little thinner, but thicker than Mordell, more than twenty degrees can be worn alone. The neckline, cuffs and hem are all cut without marks, and there are no stitching, but the sleeves are a little easy to move up, except that there is nothing wrong here. This sweatshirt is also very suitable, it will be a little warmer than the modal model, and the matching shirt will not be too thick. I chose this XL, I feel that the sleeves are a little shorter, and friends who are a little stronger can also choose a larger size, because this one is also a little slimmer.

This thickness is no problem with a shirt


Double-sided fleece

Cuffs and hem

The third is my favorite, double-sided velvet fabric, the fabric is not thin or thick, soft and comfortable. The neckline, cuffs and hem are cut without marks, but the cuffs are stitched so that the sleeves are not so easy to move up. This single wear is completely fine, the warmth is also OK, the inner wear is also very suitable, if the wind is not strong, the sweatshirt is still very warm, with a single or coat or down jacket are very good.

It feels slimmer than the turtleneck of knitted fabric, but it doesn’t strangle, and the comfort is better than it, and many knitted sweaters look a little bloated.


There are two sutures on the front and back

There is lint on both sides

The inner layer is slightly thicker

The cuffs and hem are stitched

The fourth model is also double-sided velvet fabric, this one is thickened, and it has a mid-high neck, which also looks good. This thickened warmth is better, but the overall stitching feels not very good, the stitching inside is too thick, and there are two more stitches on the front and back, and it is a bit of a tie to wear the bottom, but the fabric is more skin-friendly, and the sweater or bottom with a high neck is also more versatile.

These four are the bottoms that I wear with better fabric fit and quality, and the prices are relatively affordable, and it should be no problem to wear them for one or two seasons.

Non-marking neckline

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