Wonderful handmade works that will surprise you

Kindergarten Creative Parent-Child Handicraft (KidsDIY95)

After doing craftsmanship for so long, Yoyo found that the more creative the handicraft, the more materials that are common in life. That feeling of surprise makes people even more profound.

Just like a big transformation of a paper cup that is common in life, it is a surprising work. Unbelief? Let’s take a look!

Watering pot paper cup handmade

【Required Materials】

Paper cups, printed electronic materials, scissors, solid glue

【Production Steps】

First, the electronic printing material is printed, and then folded and pasted in half to form a sprayed part

Next, paste the strip and the sprayed part on the paper cup and you’re done!

Snowman paper cup handmade

Although it’s summer now

But it can’t stop the snowman’s cute charm~

Paper cups, non-woven fabrics, scissors, hot melt adhesive, twist sticks, cotton balls, black oily pens

1. Cut out a long strip and a triangle from the non-woven cloth first, which acts as a scarf and nose for the snowman

Wrap your scarf!

2. Next, stick the twisting stick and cotton ball, and you are fully armed!

3. Draw the eyes with a black oily pen. Done!! What a cute snowman!

Open-air dining bar paper cup handmade

Next is the highlight of paper cup craftsmanship!

Make an alfresco restaurant with paper cups of different colors

Imagine yourself enjoying coffee in it, how comfortable it is~

Paper cups, scissors, solid glue, straws, cardboard

Follow the step-by-step flow of the picture and cut the paper cup into the shape of one of the chairs

Note: Here is a piece lifted by step one, now fixed with solid glue

Then cut out an arc to look more beautiful

One of the chairs was done!

2. Next, make another chair, cut off the bottom, and then cut off 4 of the unwanted pieces as shown in the picture

Next, plug in the umbrella and straw and you’re done!

Chick paper cup handmade

Yellow chicks, using yellow paper cups

Paint with paint and you’re good to do

Paper cups, twist sticks, cardboard (stickers), glue, toothpicks

Pierce two small holes with a toothpick on the edge of the paper cup and two small holes in the top of the head

Then twist the stick through the small hole, act as two feet and a chicken comb, and finally paste the jam paper!

This snowman handicraft is completely different from the one just now!

This cute snowman

There are more production steps

But it works very well!

White paper cups (clear paper cups), staplers, Christmas hats, scarves, cardboard, sparkling Christmas decorations

1. Nail the paper cups together with a staplapper, noting that they are all facing outward to form a ball

2. After making two balls, pin them together and cover the marks with a scarf

The finished product is shown in the picture, remember to add decoration!

Frog paper cup handmade

The steps for this tutorial are similar to the above

The main thing is to increase the pattern on the body of the frog

Everything else is not difficult!

Paper cups, paints, brushes, toothpicks, twisting sticks, non-woven fabrics, cotton balls, handmade eyes, glue

Color the paper cup and use a toothpick to pierce the small hole through the twisting rod, as in the tutorial above

The main thing is to add the frog pattern and cotton balls, the steps are very simple!

You’re done!

Kindergarten creative parent-child handicraft (kidsdiy95), regularly share handicraft tutorials!

Owl paper cup handmade

Then it’s the turn of the owl paper cup handicraft

I thought that the owl should be brown to look good

Who knew that the white owl was so cute!

Paper cups, cardboard, glue, feathers

1. Paste the cut cardboard on the paper cup, act as an eye mouth, and then paste the feather painting on the decoration, done!

Crab paper cup handmade

Crabs of different colors

Although not real

But this handicraft still looks realistic!

Paper cups, paints, brushes, branches, twisting sticks, toothpicks, glue

1. First, twist the twisting stick into a shape similar to the shape of a foot, and then pierce the paper cup with a toothpick to pass through the twisting stick, because it is a crab handiwork, so there are quite a lot of feet on both sides.

Finally, paste the handmade eyes and you’re done!

More animal paper cups handmade

For your reference

Yoyo prepared more handmade finished drawings of animal paper cups

You can refer to it!

After reading it, let’s try it together1

For more wonderful handmade tutorials, please pay attention

Kindergarten Creative Parent-Child Handicraft (KidsDIY95)

【Required Materials】

【Required Materials】

【Required Materials】

【Required Materials】

【Required Materials】

【Required Materials】

【Required Materials】

【Production Steps】

【Production Steps】

【Production Steps】

【Production Steps】

【Production Steps】

【Production Steps】

【Production Steps】

Snowman paper cup handmade

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