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Nowadays, storm jackets are not only the “heart’s love” of outdoor sports enthusiasts, but are sought after by many ordinary consumers because of their waterproof, windproof and breathable properties. The high price of three or four hundred, or even three or four thousand, has spawned a mixed storm jacket market.

On March 6, the Henan Provincial Consumer Association released the results of the comparative test of storm jackets in our province, reminding consumers:

Jeep, QC, Skyler, Charporter, Tianpolun, Lefito, Rongen, Arcano brand storm suits

Purchase with caution.

Media reporters conduct experiments on the spot

【Release】6 batches did not meet the “national standard”, and 2 brands had poor performance

As early as four months ago, as an ordinary consumer, the Henan Provincial Consumer Association randomly purchased 30 batches of products in Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Jiaozuo, Luoyang and online platforms such as Tmall, Jingdong and No.1 store, with prices ranging from more than 200 yuan to more than 3,000 yuan per piece. After entrusting Tianfang Standard Testing and Certification Co., Ltd. (Tianjin) to test, it was found that 22 batches met the provisions of the judgment principle, and 8 batches of storm jackets did not meet the standard requirements.

The overall compliance rate was 73.33%. Among them, the product identification did not meet 6 batches (Jeep, QC, Skyler, Charporter, Tianpolun, Lefeitou), fiber content did not meet 1 batch (Ronco), surface moisture resistance did not meet 1 batch (Arkenau), and hydrostatic pressure performance at the seams did not meet 1 batch (Ronor).

The test focuses on testing product safety and functionality. The comparative test basis is: GB 18401-2010 “National Basic Safety Technical Specification for Textile Products”, GB/T 5296.4-2012 “Instructions for the use of consumer goods – Instructions for the use of textiles and clothing”, GB/T 32614-2016 “Outdoor sports clothing – Storm jacket” and other “national standard” requirements.

In terms of safety, the product identification, fiber content, pH value, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, formaldehyde content, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to water, odor, pilling, color fastness to rubbing and so on are tested. In view of the performance problems of storm jackets that consumers are concerned about, it is detected from the hydrostatic pressure performance of the fabric, the hydrostatic pressure performance of the joints, the surface moisture resistance, the moisture permeability, and the electrostatic performance.

【Statement】The storm jacket market in our province is generally good

Wang Zhongsheng, deputy secretary-general of the Provincial Consumer Association, said that the total compliance rate was 73.33%, indicating that the storm jacket market in our province is generally good, and consumers can buy with confidence. The fact that the product identification does not meet the specifications does not mean that the product is not performing well.

The product identification does not conform to the “national standard”, mainly such as the incorrect description of the washing text on the hangtag, the incorrect dry graphic symbol on the durability label, and the incorrect number marking. For example, Jeep’s problem is that the actual size of the clothes does not match the logo. However, his functional indicators such as waterproof and breathable performance, electrostatic performance and other functional indicators are qualified. The 6 batches of storm jackets whose product identification did not conform to the “national standard” were all qualified in performance.

At the same time, he emphasized that product identification is a first-hand source of information for consumers to intuitively understand products, which is very important for consumers. Manufacturers should strictly comply with the labeling and not mislead consumers. This is also the embodiment of the brand’s rigorous integrity.

The Dahe client reporter found that the most serious problems are the two brands of Arkano and Kainu, which not only does not meet the fiber content, but also the hydrostatic pressure performance at the joints is not up to standard, which is a typical quality problem. Arkenno’s stormtrooper will feel stuffy when worn on rainy days.

【Recommendation】3 brands of storm jackets are cost-effective

Which brands of storm jackets are comfortable to wear and not expensive? The Provincial Consumer Association has made a ranking for consumers from three aspects: product price, safety and functionality, and the top three are Columbia, Tianlun and Pathfinder. Among them, Columbia (Columbia) and Tianlun Tian tied for the first place in the comprehensive evaluation index. (See picture for details)

【Reminder】Don’t believe exaggerated functional propaganda

How do we choose a storm jacket? The Provincial Consumer Association reminds you to pay attention to 4 aspects:

1. Consumers first pay attention to check the instructions for use of the product (that is, product identification), because product identification is a tool to convey product performance, quality status, use methods and other information to consumers, consumers try not to buy clothing without instructions for use or incomplete or incorrect instructions.

2. The second is to look at the appearance quality of clothing products with hands and eyes, mainly from the feel of the fabric, the flaws of the cloth, color difference, stains, sewing, zipper, button firmness to observe, according to the needs, wearing experience, the marked material, quality level and other aspects of performance acceptance.

3. Proper washing and care is the key to long-lasting clothing. Follow the washing sign of the storm jacket and wash the dark and light clothes separately to prevent heterochromatic contamination.

4. Pay attention to whether the hang tag indicates that the corresponding national standards of relevant functional products are used as measurement indicators, and do not blindly pursue the exaggerated functional publicity of individual enterprises.

Source: Grand River Client

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