Cold season

Many people are afraid of cold

Actively reduced the frequency of bathing

A daily wash from summer

It became once every 3 days

Even washing every Monday…

The interval between baths is long

It is easy to hide dirt and dirt on the body

In particular, a gentle rub of the hands, legs, arms, shoulders, and shoulders can make a pile of mud

And the back, which is usually out of reach of the hand, is even more difficult to imagine

Such a long time cleaning is not in place

Chicken skin, acne, eczema skin problems will come to the door

Once it itches, the kind of want to scratch and can’t catch,

The feeling of being upset is simply terrible!

To solve this problem

Some friends will use an artifact such as a bath towel

I think I can wash my back in this way, and the experience is very sour…

But the rubbing of bath towels is too strong (and unhygienic)

The skin will get older and rougher the more washed

People are not old, skin decay first, regardless of men and women

You don’t want to see that kind of result, do you?

Today we will give you an Amway one

A gentle, safe and easy-to-use scrubbing artifact

Pidge multifunctional electric bath brush

Brush hands, back, legs

Wash wherever you want, invincible and convenient

This time it is even more on the basis of the old model

carry out

Major renovation and upgrading

, more functional

It is simply a must-have in the home of those who love to scrub baths

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Fully automatic rotary cleaning

Unique dual-gear design

This electric bath brush is paired with a yellow and white short-bristled brush head, which uses 0.1mm fine soft nylon silk to the touch and feels delicate to the touch

Soft as animal hair, it does not irritate the skin

The brush head supports 360° rotation,

It can vibrate 210 times at high speed in 1 minute

, with fine and dense bristles, touch the skin, can shake out the surface dirt little by little!

And it has built-in

Unique dual-gear design

High-speed mode

It is suitable for daily scrubbing use, and the foaming speed is fast, and the stratum corneum is thicker for people who are suitable for this mode

Low speed mode

Suitable for sensitive skin people, fine skin and tender meat of the little sisters should pay attention, the first use is recommended to use the low-speed mode, first let the skin have the process of adaptation

It can be used according to individual needs

The skin washed with it is clean and refreshing and smooth so that you can’t believe it~

Six cleaning brush heads

One-stop full-body spa experience

What’s even more powerful is that the Pedge electric bath brush is also different

Equipped with 6 types of brush heads

, are short-bristle brush head (the one above), bath flower head, mud scrubbing brush head, silicone brush head, massage head, and foot grinding head

Bath head:

There’s nothing more healing than bubbles, right? The bubbles hit with it are super rich, dense, Q-bombed, and so comfortable that you don’t want to stop

Scrub the head of the mud brush

It can be used to clean the surface of the skin, such as elbow joints, leg joints, etc., and can effectively clean keratin (remember to use the low-speed mode, it is recommended to use it once a week)

Clean the silicone brush head

There is a skin feeling similar to a face washer, brushing on the body without the tingling sensation when rubbing the bath towel, friends with sensitive skin can also use it as a face washer, with facial cleanser, a brush is more intimate ~

It can also massage your back when necessary, giving you the ultimate relaxation experience

Of course we are

Dedicated massage brush head

It is also super powerful, relieves stress, massages are more relaxed, and more comfortable to use~

Brush head for foot grinding


Specially used to clean the dead skin of the heel on the sole of the foot, the outer ring is soft hair, the inner ring is a millstone, and there is almost no pain in cleaning the heel

The disassembly and assembly of the brush head is also very simple,

Direct plugging

, very easy and time-saving

So many brush head blessings, you can not only enjoy the comfort after scrubbing the bath, but also avoid the embarrassment of rubbing the bath, you deserve it!

Craftsmanship details

The packaging is exquisite and cost-effective

The whole appearance of the pitt electric bath brush is based on yellow, and the handle body is a non-slip pattern.

Side anti-skid strip design

, not easy to slip, safe and beautiful

The length of the handle is about 30 cm, so you can wash your back clean without brute force

The tail has

Hanging hole design

, can be hung to drain after use, as long as the ventilation can be dried

Hanging storage saves space and does not worry about children falling and touching

The place of charging is interesting, at the tail hook, adopted

Smart USB charging, fully charged in 2 hours

, can be used continuously for about 45 minutes

When the red light is on, it is charging, remember to place it in a waterless place, and the green light is on to remind that it has been charged and can be used

In addition to being fully functional, the Pidge electric bath brush is also used

IPX7 waterproof

, do not worry about leakage or other safety accidents (Note: Do not use while charging!) )

It also passed

Tested by professional institutions, quality and safety are guaranteed

, the elderly and children can also use it with peace of mind

It’s really a good thing that you will fall in love with after using it once

Many of the ones who have used it have called one after another, and the rave reviews have been received

The packaging is also super super exquisite

, Whether it is to keep it for yourself or send your parents to relatives and friends, it is very heartwarming

At least 200+ similar products on the market start, Pidge

The original price of this bath brush on the official website is also 179, and now we are now reducing 30, and you can directly buy these 7 large pieces (bath brush + 6 brush heads) with only 149

, the event is worth it! If you miss this village, there will be no more~

Perfect skin is not born with it, but also needs to accumulate careful care, if you want to have the most perfect beauty back, then start with this electric bath brush ~ ~ buy early and enjoy early!

50 yuan no threshold coupon, Kangxi blue and white cup

Quantities are limited, while stocks last, participate in the draw immediately

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Click on the image below to purchase

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