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Good evening everyone! For a long time, when introducing outfits to everyone, the grid owner has always given priority to the degree of wear. But today, Ge mainly makes an exception to introduce and recommend a piece that is not so practical in winter. That’s white pants.

The reason is because recently a Korean blogger’s outfit went viral on social networks. This blogger’s style of dressing is very simple, without that flowery green color, and the cut is also generous and simple. This elegant and high-class style is really in line with the taste of the master.

And when sorting out his outfit, the owner found that the pants worn by bloggers who walked in a simple style like this were not black pants. Instead, she’s very good at lighting up the whole look with white pieces.

And it’s really really too good-looking and gentle, how to say, the noble sense of high-class is fresh and vulgar. Among the white items, the white pants are really much better to wear than the owner imagined! Therefore, today, the owner will make an exception to introduce you to the controversial item of white pants!

-Star Demonstration-

White flared pants were also often seen in street photography in the 70s, and the white pants were really conspicuous in a black and white photo.

Because it is more conspicuous than black, it has an unstoppable charm~

Speaking of celebrities, the former First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Kennedy, also loves to wear white pants~ A loose white pants + polo shirt or a simple top, wearing expensive casualness in minutes.

In some public places, some female celebrities like to wear all-white suits to show their high-class and texture.

Yuan Quan’s set of styling has really said it many times. The shape of the whole body white is really too comfortable, and the grid owner can’t help but mention it again and again.

Miss Zhong’s black and white combination is also a textbook reference. Micro-tapered pants not only modify the leg shape but also have a very casual feeling, and girls with thick legs can also refer to it.

Li Qin’s white flared pants are really prepared for those “leg spirits”, wearing it is full of aura.

Supermodel Sun Feifei also loves white pants. Although her figure is beautiful to wear, she also chose loose white pants, and it is not very handsome to wear with a motorcycle jacket and booties.

-How to pick-

First of all, let’s clarify a concept.

When the grid owner says to choose white pants, it is definitely not for you to pick pants like this kind of P-chart software that pulls people higher than the house. In fact, the grid owner does not very recommend that everyone choose tight white pants.

Because the difficulty of controlling white pants is a little high, you have to artificially increase the difficulty like this. Promise the lord and spare yourself!

Blogger Irina Lakicevic is a good example. With a typical pear-shaped body, she looks much thinner in white pants that fit loosely and properly than in wide-leg jeans!

So pick white pants in winter, not only according to the figure, but also add the appropriate match. Let’s talk about the choice of pants first.

If your thighs and calves are not actually very thick, but you may be born with a large butt and a wide crotch. As a result, sometimes wearing pants will directly give people the illusion of being fat.

The owner suggests you try white straight-leg pants. It balances the gap between the thighs and calves and defines the shape of the legs.

And it’s easy to hold any item, so you can show off your professionalism for any occasion.

The long high-waisted straight-leg pants are full of style and elongated body full marks! But girls with H-shaped bodies without waists will have to spend dim sum machines to cleverly manufacture waist lines.

And you can’t talk about pants without mentioning wide-leg pants. The sense of space reserved between the pants and the body contains all the shortcomings of your lower body at once.

It creates the characteristics of thin waist and long legs, and can modify the problem of excessive hips.

There are also tapered wide-leg pants with a wide top and narrow bottom, suitable for apple-shaped girls.

-How to match-

+ Coat

If you’re a girl with a fat lower body, winter is definitely a good time to try white pants!

Why? Because you can’t cover your legs with a long coat in the summer!

And because the long fit almost covers your 270-degree lower body, it exposes the front part, so it looks thin!

The super common black or dark blue long coat, plus white pants, is not only full of texture but also full of aura. Coupled with the blessing of wide-leg pants, who can still see that your crotch is wide and thick?

Gray coats and white pants in different shades are cool and elegant, which is very suitable for office workers.

There is also the most common camel coat, with white pants or white all over, gentle and high-end.

In addition to black and gray camels, a series of dark and bright colors in winter anyway, as long as you have a coat that you don’t know how to match. White pants can save them in a second, and the whole body is white, which is more helpful for brightening the skin tone.

The little friends who have not yet entered the winter in the south can’t wear an overcoat, and the long trench coat + white pants are as stylish, and they walk with the wind. Not only in color, white can save, in fabric, white pants can also save a lot of your coat.

For example, this year’s hot teddy bear coat, the owner once bought one with a hot brain, and it didn’t feel right to come back with black pants. It wasn’t until I watched a circle of street photography, most of the bloggers picked white pants, that the grid owner reacted.

Even if the whole body cream color can still look thin, I feel that even if it is a very light color + Oversize style, it will not be very fat!

+ Short coat

Of course, if you are a girl with a thin lower body, or if you are a small person, a short coat and white pants will also go well!

For example, this year’s popular cropped bread suit, whether colored or black, with white pants, down jacket has also become a fashionable item.

There are also short coats and suits, black and white with bright and handsome, corduroy or denim fabrics are more suitable for autumn and winter.

Southern girls who have not officially entered winter can choose a blazer. When paired with a camel suit, the silhouette is fashionable and skinny. Wear them with booties in winter, change into mules in spring, and continue to wear them casual to work.

Even if it is winter later, you can add an overcoat outside. Jacket + coat overlay, you are the hippest person on this street! When matching, tie a belt or white micro-flared pants around the waist, with more curves on the body, can wear more femininity.

The booties and white pants fit perfectly, cool and warm.

+ Sweater

The previous ones are all coats, which can more or less modify the lower body.

If you have a pear-shaped body (thick hips and thighs) or have other leg shape problems, choose white pants + sweater to choose a good pants shape.

However, this is still very suitable for girls with thin lower bodies as underwear, and it is really the real name system that can be said to be jealous of you girls with thin lower bodies!

This year’s sweaters are popular with cropped sleeves that match the height of the waistband or tucked into the pants. Or a long sweater over white pants to cover the hips is also a good way to show thinness.

A pair of white pants can be matched with all sweaters, and beige, oatmeal, and beige sweaters are a good CP for white pants!

The casual kit white or camel coat is the gentle and high-end look that opens the story.

Other colors of colorful sweaters are also different, too bright, too dark and too flowery… Let the white pants try it, maybe it will surprise you.

Well, the white pants are here, I feel that it is an artifact that has become advanced in a second this year! Let’s focus on the whole article!

If you are afraid of white pants showing fat and are not confident in your leg shape, match it with a long coat, you don’t need to consider the leg shape and keep warm.

Of course, small white pants have a fatal disadvantage is that they are not resistant to dirt, if you are very concerned about this disadvantage, you can also carefully consider it and give up.

But the owner really strongly recommends that you try to start one and try to match it. Maybe you’ll find a pair of white pants that will unlock N winter outfits!

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