I don’t know if you have found that many elderly women like to dress red and green, especially like the accumulation of various colors, all say “the simpler the more advanced”, in the dressing of this piece, or it is recommended to be simple and generous, especially for women who run five and six.

Winter cotton clothing is a good warm item, but cotton clothing itself is not too fashionable, this time is really not suitable for bright and fancy, the following three colors are very good, low-key temperament.

1. Black cotton clothing matching

• Black cotton jacket + checked trousers

In winter, if you wear this ordinary style of black cotton clothing alone, it is too monotonous, and the lower body is paired with retro-style earth-colored checked trousers, which enriches the visual effect and fashion charm of the shape, and at the same time highlights the sense of laziness and sophistication.

• Black cotton dress + khaki long dress

As an elegant and fashionable woman, of course, high-end and temperamental skirts are indispensable in winter, and this short style of cotton clothing and high-waist skirt will not lower the height at all, even short women, you can boldly try. The combination of black and khaki is atmospheric and attractive, and it has an intellectual taste.

• Black flecked cotton jacket + black leggings

This set of matching is biased towards the style of personality trend, especially worn on the body of girls with short hair, more cool and capable, with black as the base color of the cotton clothing, added a large number of irregular white spots for embellishment, visually reduce the sense of monotony, coupled with the hooded design, highlight the sense of leisure. With black small legged pants and white high-top canvas shoes on the lower body, the whole person is full of vitality and looks very young.

• Black cotton + gray wide-leg pants / green satin skirt

Both black cotton clothes are relatively light types, and they will not look so round when worn on the body, so the lower body will not look bloated with loose skirts or pants. Gray wide-leg cropped pants can show the slenderness and delicacy of the legs, the style is prominent, and it is super temperamental after wearing the body.

Second, the earth-colored cotton clothing matching

• Camel cotton + off-white turtleneck

This delicate and attractive light color with the upper body, highlighting a unique sense of sophistication, mature women especially like this type of matching, the lower body with the same color knitted trousers, in the steady and comfortable style in the pursuit of a sense of low-key, forming an elegant and temperamental match.

• Camel fur collar cotton + gray jeans

Camel cotton clothing with a large fur collar, biased towards a neutral style, belongs to a warm and atmospheric type, whether men or women can be used as a match, the lower body with light-colored gray trousers, more show the temperament and capable style, with black Martin boots on the feet, domineering.

• Brown cotton jacket + black leggings

This kind of brown cotton clothing that tends to be loose and comfortable is used in the use of soft colors in women’s matching, highlighting the retro atmosphere, and the lower body is easier to appear thin with dark leg pants, and the overall match has both winter sophistication and will not be too tight.

• Brown cotton garment + brown skirt

The matching rule of the same color is more common in winter matching, and the high-waisted skirt highlights the superiority of the upper and lower body proportions, and when combined with a green scarf, it is easier to show a sophisticated and formal feeling.

3. Matching gray cotton clothing

• Gray fur collar cotton jacket + black leggings

This simple and attractive gray and black combination is often used in the combination of cotton clothing and small leg pants, the color is relatively simple and refreshing, especially suitable for the cold and bleak autumn and winter, the two neutral style colors are superimposed together, full of workplace style formal sense.

• Light gray cotton garment + gray knitted skirt

The fit of this light gray cotton suit is relatively slim, the lower body is not bloated at all with a straight knitted skirt, and the simple combination is full of sophistication, and the white beanie and small white shoes are representatives of casual style, showing the relaxation of daily wear.

• Gray cotton jacket + white cropped pants

The mid-length cotton clothing with white cropped pants is smart and neat, and the method of wearing cotton clothing open reduces the bloat and heavy feeling brought by solid color cotton clothing, and looks more refreshing and capable.

When people reach middle age, don’t worry too much about lack of temperament, try classic and attractive cotton clothing matching, simple can also be fashionable and atmospheric.

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