Kemoist cream

For three consecutive years in Japan, the COSME Awards cream is the first highest-rated product. When you first open the lid, there may be a faint smell of alcohol, but you can rest assured that this is just the taste of eucalyptus leaf extract, not real alcohol. Milky white cream, the texture is very moist, the ductility is also very strong, the upper face is very absorbed, the skin feeling is very good, and it will not feel very oily or stuffy at all ~~

Winona Hydrating Cream

This special cream, nicknamed “Little Medicine Essence”, is Winona’s star product, focusing on sensitive skin repair. Infused with Highland’s unique Green Thorn Fruit Oil to repair damaged skin barriers, Portulaca oleracea extract works synergistically to soothe skin irritation. The vacuum packaging design is convenient and hygienic, and the small tube is convenient to put in the bag.

AMPLOR Luxury Pampering White Repair Cream Muscle Cream

Moisturizing cream with whitening and antioxidant function, find an authorized store to buy less than 250, of course, it may still be expensive for the student party. The ingredients are mainly VC derivatives, VE, arbutin, apple stem cell extract, etc., which are not obvious for whitening, but brightening is definitely there. The main thing is that its skin feeling is really amazing, the texture is very moist, and the upper face is also moist, which is relatively refreshing but moisturized, and it is definitely the kind of rush that the oil skin will like! The smell is also very good, I enjoy wiping my face, and I also like the packaging of this small jar, and I didn’t throw it away after using it empty. It is a cream that will be repurchased indefinitely.

Flower Yu set rose cream

It is said that a bottle of Huayu set rose cream, which is equivalent to lotion, lotion, beauty serum, mask, and cream in one. This Rose Cream has the ultimate hydrating power to leave our skin glowing with moisture from within.

The “flower water steam injection method” is used to produce rose extract energy containing “rose seeds”. It also contains Damascus rose essential oil, which can whiten well, hydrate, brighten the complexion, and moisturize the skin very much, but it is not greasy at all. It also significantly fights aging, repairs fine lines, and heals fine lines and dullness. Let our skin have a moisturizing Q-elastic feel no matter when and where, exuding suppleness and whiteness from the inside out.

Its taste is a refreshing rose scent, not pungent at all, I don’t like particularly scented skin care products, always feel that there will be unsafe ingredients, it is not thick on the face, a little smoothing can be spread, usually used can also be emulsified in the palm of the hand and then on the face, poor skin can be applied a thick layer, the next day will find that the skin is moist, will not be dry. The cost performance is far beyond many lady brands. The upper face absorbs almost in seconds, there is not much burden, and the hydration effect is also good

。 And the brightening effect is very good, like me who stays up late for a long time, with it, I am no longer afraid of yellowing of the skin and melanin precipitation the next day! Suitable for any skin and can be used even on sensitive skin.

I used to rub it every night before going to bed, and when I woke up in the morning, I felt that my skin was a lot more delicate, and I used it for more than 1 month, and my skin will really become white and tender and smooth!! Really love it!

These creams are deeply hydrated and have a moisturizing Q-elastic feel to leave skin supple from within

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