June 8, 2017, Beijing, on June 8, “Military and Teacher Alliance” starring Wu Xiubo, Li Chen and Liu Tao held a press conference in Beijing, starring Wu Xiubo, Li Chen, Liu Tao, Zhai Tianlin, Wang Jinsong, Gao Weiguang, Yu Hewei, Guo Degang, Ma Dong and others attended

In the on-site activity session, Liu Tao and Wu Xiubo went on stage arm in arm to reproduce the scene in Sima Yi Zhang Chunhua’s play, full of tacit understanding.

The heroine Liu Tao is wearing a lace shirt with a royal blue long skirt, and from time to time she shows a pear swirl smile, full of girlish taste.

《军师联盟》发布刘涛蕾丝少女风秀台步 吴秀波高领毛衣变暖大叔

Wu Xiubo’s suit with gray neck sweater, full of mature uncle fan. Ballista / Visual China

“Big Black Bull” Li Chen clapped his hands and laughed, in a rather good mood. Ballista / Visual China

《军师联盟》发布刘涛蕾丝少女风秀台步 吴秀波高领毛衣变暖大叔

A number of male co-men appeared on stage, forming a tough guy group, and the hormones exploded. Ballista / Visual China

《军师联盟》发布刘涛蕾丝少女风秀台步 吴秀波高领毛衣变暖大叔

Guo Degang and Ma Dong appeared. Ballista / Visual China

Guo Degang’s suit is eye-catching. Ballista / Visual China

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