The color of the clothes is Roland pure purple, and it took less than 9 taels. 3 strands of 11-gauge ring needles.

The front and rear pieces are the same, starting from 210 needles, knitting double threads 22 rows of 1.5 inches, take 10 stitches from the middle and start to lead back to both sides, 10 stitches each time. After the end of the retreat to the second large osmanthus needle, the needle collection begins in the middle. Because this dress has always had to receive needles, some are not clear, and they are not very good at drawing, so they have to draw by hand, hoping that the sisters can understand it. After receiving the needle to the picture, the front piece collar begins to lead back to weaving, and the entire collar is 200 stitches after the end of the lead.

Sleeve: 68 stitches, 42 rows of double thread 2.5 inches, put 12 stitches to 80 knitted osmanthus needles, 8-2-3, 10-2-14, to 114 stitches 5 stitches on each side, (size is 1.35 feet, width 5 inches) and body parts are woven side-by-side, sleeves on both sides of every 2 rows of 1 stitch until shown in the figure.

The sleeve of the front piece has 27 stitches, and the sleeve of the rear piece has 21 stitches. The pattern of 13 stitches is spaced 8 rows apart. The rear piece received a total of 78 needles to the end, and the front piece was 122 needles. Finally, the collar 200 stitches are double-threaded with a 12-gauge ring knit

Thread: Florist Rosa Caixia 7 Ball, with a needle collar and sleeve side 9 gauge needle. Hem length AD4.0, length 72, bust 96, sleeve length 52, shoulder width 37, hem 118

Let’s talk about the process briefly

front film; Starting needle 142 needles. Paihua 29 osmanthus 6 twist 28 needles osmanthus 6 twist 2 needles osmanthus 6 needles twist 28 needles osmanthus 6 twist flowers 29 needles osmanthus

Needle reduction on osmanthus needles on the middle two 6 stitches of twist lace. 10/1/10 6-1-6 1/10 10 108 shoulder opening. -5 2-2-2 2-1-5 10 lines after weaving fake ingots. Many people ask how fake ingots are knitted. If the fake ingots are weaved, the front is up and down. The reverse side is fully needled. This is repeated. I don’t know where the data goes. Look at the open collar.

The back piece starts with 132 needles. 10/10/10 6-1-4 Flat weaving 6 rows of shoulder 104 needles same as the front piece, sleeve needle 46 stitches. 5CM ribbing 14 rows 8 2 5 6 2 8 flat weaving 8 rows sleeve mountain -5 2-2-2 2-1-7 2-2-1 2-3-1 flat closure stitching.

The collar 6 picks 5 is the machine

Collar knitted flat needles. Knit 3 rows of ribbed and then 4 rows of flat needles flat.

This garment can be worn on both sides of the front and back.

Weaving process:

Line: 16 sticks and 3 strands; Ordos cashmere 8 taels (2 strands) wiring: Yishuer cashmere 1 strand 3 taels. Needle size: 9.10.11 steel needle. (Bottom Side 11)

Two pieces with the same number of needles; Start: 140 stitches, two up and two down knitting 13 rows; Leave 29 retracements on each side, 2-4-1.2-3-3.2-2-4.2-1-3. (Knit a pendulum.) )

Flat weaving 9CM start to reduce needles on both sides; 8-2-9.6-2-7. Flat weaving 8 rows.

Separate hanging: 5 needles on each side, 2-2-1.2-1-4.

Shoulder: 22 stitches, 5 stitches foldback 4 times; 2 stitches left.

Collar socket: 21-22 stitches flat. Needle reduction on both sides: 2-3-1.2-2-2.2-1-2. Collar: pick 158 needles, knit 1 row of upper needles, knit 2 upper and 2 lower 6 rows, knit 5 rows of lower needles, flat collection.

Cuffs: sheet weaving, 58 knitting 31 rows, flat knitting 8 rows, stitching on both sides: 8-2-12 times, flat weaving 7 rows, sleeve mountain minus needle: flat closing 5 stitches, 2-3-1.2-2-1.2-1.2-1-1-2-1-2-3-1 on both sides

Size after washing: bust: 42*2cm; Shoulder and back width: 36cm; Sleeve length: 53cm. Hem width: 56*2cm; Overall length: 74cm

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