Lan Xinhui’s works

Wire used: worsted wool camel fleece blend, pickle green, 5-strand weaving

Needle size used: Shunlin 5.5mm bamboo needle

Finished size: length 72cm, flat chest 45cm, sleeve length 57cm

Dosage of finished product: 700 grams

Weaving points: The number of stitches and rows is basically according to the diagram, my body length is 8 lines less than the illustration, and the rest are according to the illustration. In the picture, the leaf starts with 3 needles, and changes from 1 needle to 3 needles. The leaf part is slowly released from 1 needle, and finally 1 needle is retracted into 1 needle to start with reduction. If you don’t understand, you can take out your needle and thread and try to understand.

Regarding the thread, Lan Xin is saying two words, this thread, when I started knitting, I didn’t feel very much, it felt a little hard, but after washing and drying, it was very unexpected, soft, but very stylish, and the effect of multi-stranded weaving, unlike single-stranded thick thread woven clothes, how to describe it specifically, Lan Xin can’t say, in short, it’s very good.

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