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According to an Australian news website reported on the 11th, a 15-year-old boy named Jose Eduardo Rosa in Brazil was found dead in the refrigerator in the courtyard of his grandmother’s house on January 11, local time. The Brazilian police updated the progress of the investigation into the case, saying that after extensive investigation, the police in charge of the case finally ruled out that the teenager’s death may have been robbery, homicide or suicide.

Infographic: José Eduardo Rosa

Police said the cause of the boy’s death remained undetermined. However, there are indications that a sudden onset may be due to the use of anabolic steroid drugs and choking. It is understood that the boy has a family history of high blood pressure.

Police believe he climbed into the refrigerator to cool off. When he was found, the boy was sitting in the refrigerator wearing only his underwear. At the time of the incident, the gate to the courtyard of Joss’s grandmother’s house was reportedly locked, and he entered through a key that his grandmother had hidden in a secret place. When he was found, there were multiple chairs in the yard in a circle, suggesting that Joss may not be alone, adding more mystery to the case.

Jos’s cousin, Carlos Magno Goncalves, previously said he found Jos’s body after noticing he wasn’t working. He jumped off the wall and found a refrigerator in the backyard that was not connected to a power source, and some blood flowed into a hole.

Carlos told local media: “The smell is already terrible. I opened the fridge and found him sitting there wearing only his underwear. He called emergency services, who arrived at the scene and confirmed Joss was dead.


Police ruled out the murder, saying a laptop and cell phone were found on a table at the scene that Joss could use while soaking in the makeshift pool in the yard. Joss’s death was especially tragic for his family, as his uncle died a week ago, while his grandfather also died a month ago.

Infographic: José Eduardo Rosa

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