Material: 1 share of medium coarse blend wool

Tool: 3.5mm ring needle

Dosage: 50 g

Size: 35-36 yards

This pair of fishmouth socks has a simple structure, simple stitching, knitting needles back and forth, and washboard needles, one-piece weaving, simple and easy to weave, with camel as the main color, the toe part is yellow, and the color is coordinated. The flat socks are not very conspicuous, but the socks fit very well, are comfortable to wear, and the socks tip fish mouth is very graphic. It is knitted from the heel, long enough to change the thread to weave the toe, and after the weaving is completed, the instep and heel are sewn. There is basically no difficulty, and there is no problem for novices to weave.

Illustration of patterns:

Weaving method:

First, the camel thread with a 3.5mm ring needle up 44 stitches, according to the pattern diagram of weaving, specifically, 2 rows of a set of patterns, the 19th stitch and 28th stitch are all knitted down the needle, the rest is woven with a washboard needle, these 2 needles divide the 44 stitches into 3 pieces, 10 stitches in the center, 16 stitches on the left and right.

2. Camel yarn 14 cm, change the yellow thread to weave the toe part, knit the needle, and evenly reduce 13 stitches, after completion, 31 stitches, the second row is rewoven with a single ribb, a total of 4 cm.

Third, close the toe by threading the 31 needles together with a thread loop, wearing 2 circles, and the thread is tightened.

4. Suture the instep and heel.

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