Laneige Pink Whitening Moisturizing Cleanser

This cleanser can be used morning and night. The large capacity of 180ml, rich foam, gently cleanses the skin of dirt and aging keratin, and contains Shea Butter, which deeply nourishes dry skin, deeply cleanses while leaving skin supple. In order to prevent dryness of the skin, gentle foam cleanses the skin while washing away harmful oxides. It also provides nutrients to the skin. While washing the face, it can also replenish the skin’s vitamin E, promote blood circulation, and add radiance and transparency to the skin. Easily wash the dirt from your pores. After washing your face, you will feel a clear feeling, even if you have dry skin, you will not feel strained after use.

Flower can expect amino acid facial cleanser

It really didn’t disappoint, it was really a conscientious domestic product, but it was hidden in the corner because it didn’t ask celebrity Internet celebrities to promote it. It is a make-up remover and cleansing two-in-one facial cleanser, added a variety of imported amino acids and botanical ingredients, can effectively cleanse, protect the skin, rejuvenate the skin, use super gentle, suitable for any skin type. No additives, no irritation, no alcohol, no pigment, even pregnant women can use it with confidence, so sensitive skin fairies do not have to be afraid!

I usually use a little more in autumn and winter, and when it comes to autumn and winter, I turn into mixed oil, which is really depressing. Every time I get up, the T zone will compare the oil, and after using it for a few days, I feel that the oil is not so much. And it really has a significant brightening effect on dull skin, and after washing, I feel that my skin is so good, it seems to be white.

Korean VT Tiger Facial Cleanser

Korean VT Tiger Facial Cleanser. Filled with Centella Asiatica, hyaluronic acid and a variety of herbal extracts, it cleanses your skin deeply. It is more suitable for oily skin and small partners with acne on the face. It soothes your skin, controls your skin’s oil production, and has a particularly good oil removal effect. After washing, your face is very hydrated and not tight at all. Its effect is very gentle, and you don’t have to worry about the dry face after washing it. Keep using it for a while and you will find that your skin will be white and very clean. The moisturizing effect and moisturizing effect are good, and consistent use can make your skin hydrated and shiny.

Clinique’s soft cleansing cream

Popular in Europe and the United States——, with superior hydrating and moisturizing effect in the major brands far ahead, his cream is known as in the gentle removal of daily light makeup, gentle and excellent cleansing power won the hearts of many MM, but Xiaobian needs to remind everyone that for more stubborn makeup or it is better to use professional cleansing oil, so as not to have residue to clog pores.

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