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As the saying goes, good clothes see character.

A person’s dressing style reveals his value preferences, lifestyle, and personality cultivation, which can reflect what kind of style this person is from the outfits of others.

There is no man who does not care about his outfit, girls love face and want others to say that they look good.

Boys are the same, what kind of outfit is the best looking and most popular with girls?

In this era of peak appearance, both boys and girls will unconsciously put their eyes on the opposite sex who is high-looking and can wear.

For example, Yi Yangqianxi, Xiao Zhan, Wang Yibo, etc., are all very popular with girls. Of course, not only their appearance, but also their unique outfit. Some boys don’t know how to dress, and they don’t know how to dress handsome.

The following editor has arranged a simple and easy-to-learn dressing template.

Simple T-shirt + shorts + canvas shoes

Cool is of course the first choice for hot summer wear, so the classic combination of short sleeves and shorts is essential.

However, if you want to look clean, it is recommended to choose some solid color T-shirts or small fresh pattern short sleeves, the combination of light and dark will be very comfortable visually, generally sports shorts and cargo shorts with canvas shoes are very youthful.

Workwear style shorts are the general trend in recent years, the black base tone is more worry-free, the textured zipper placket is very strong and durable, the side seam slip pocket is not only beautiful but also casual, the side is integrated into the workwear style of the large pocket design, highlighting the three-dimensional sense, adding streamer elements after more trend.

Striped shirt + slacks + canvas shoes

More casual and Japanese collocation, stripes as one of the classic elements of the fashion circle is also very versatile.

Whether it is a striped T-shirt or a striped polo is very charming, it is recommended to combine with looser and more comfortable trousers, light-colored pants can create a sense of casualness, stepping on canvas shoes is also handsome, with bags and glasses as embellishments are very Japanese.

Stripe elements in the hot summer not only fresh but also very age-reducing, as a summer sunshine boy of course to follow the pace of fashion, ribbed round neck is not easy to deform, smooth hem reveals a casual generosity, simple black and white color matching is not only classic but also very attractive.

T-shirt + jeans + canvas shoes

Although this set is the most ordinary but also the least picky, with a simple combination of short sleeves and jeans will have a youthful college feeling, and the canvas shoes under the feet bring out a more casual taste.

Of course, if you pursue personality, you can choose ripped jeans, and after wearing a baseball cap, it is more handsome and sunny to go out on the street.

The T-shirt is made from comfortable cotton fabric with a comfortable and breathable bodice and a stylish photo-like print with lettering on the chest, which is very stylish and can be worn with a light jacket or alone in summer.

With attitude, regain the cowboy feeling and restart the fashion mode.

White T-shirt + belt

Boys’ white T-shirt matching, it is better to choose a pure white loose crewneck T-shirt, and the pants can choose a darker color.

For example, deep jeans are the belt that looms after you tie the corner of the T-shirt into the pants, and the casual sense of fashion is displayed in front of everyone’s eyes, and girls simply can’t resist such a sunny and handsome and clean fashion dress.

The combination of solid color T-shirt + jeans is the most basic way to wear.

It is not prone to errors and is suitable for a wide range of people.

You can wear it this way for casual occasions.

Blue shirt + khaki slacks

Blue should be the most suitable color for summer, every boy should have a blue dress, shirt is a very good choice, looks fresh and neat very handsome.

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