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#Winter Life Season#

Approaching February, it is time to wear a coat again, if you want to wear the coat out of temperament, you must pay attention to the matching of shoes, the coat is relatively long, and the only items that can be fully revealed are shoes, and the style and quality of the shoes will also have an impact on the temperament of the coat.

The most classic shoes in combination with coats are boots, boots are mature, atmospheric, and look very high-quality, whether it is a little girl or mature women, they like to use boots to show off the high-end of the coat.

But boots are too ordinary, don’t wear them this year, and changing boots for loafers can have unexpected effects. Loafers are flat shoes or low-top shoes, there are no laces on the shoes, it is easy to put on and take off, and the temperament is casual and comfortable.

The matching effect of loafers and coats is really high-end, and many fashion trendsetters are wearing them. Coat with loafers is the most fashionable match this year, simple atmosphere is not old, and it is worn like this for the New Year. Wear a coat and don’t match boots, this year it is popular to match “loafers”, retro and fashionable to look at.

Stylish design of loafers

Basic loafers

Basic style loafers for

Solid color design

, simple atmospheric color guarantees the loafers

Versatile features

, the surface is also not decorated with fashion elements, maintaining a simple fashion charm.

Loafers are improved from men’s casual shoes,



and so on can make loafers, most of which are


, comfortable and light to wear, casual wear, activity wear are good.

Fringed loafers

Tassels are a particularly classic element, and can be seen in retro fashion from both the East and the West, and loafers can also be added


, the upper with tassels looks more delicate.

Tassels can be used in

Brilliant colors

The loafers use color to highlight the tassels

Sense of clarity

, and tassels can also work together with color to show the lively character of loafers.

Buckle loafers

Buckles are mostly used to decorate uppers, different shapes

Metal buckle

It can increase the classic and gorgeous sense of the design, make the outfit more attractive, and the buckle is different from the color of the shoe, so the decorative effect is more distinct.

The buckle can be used on patent leather loafers, and the buckle is just as available as patent leather




The highest, can show the appeal of the trend, and lower the age of dress.

A combination of loafers and coat

Coat + suit + loafers

Coat matching is the most


Coat dressing mode, the fashion combination of top and pants can show femininity, will



and so on.

The pairing of loafers can be increased

Simple collocation

The style appeal makes the quality of dress enhanced and looks more temperamental. Although loafers are flat shoes, they will not reduce the wearing aura in the slightest, and they can still allow

Neutral aura


Coat + suit + suit + loafers

In layering and matching coats, loafers can also be used to enhance the charm.




The layering is the most classic, suits and coats can achieve the enhancement of the aura, showing mature femininity, domineering and capable workplace wear charm is stronger.

At this time, loafers can play the role of matching black leather shoes, and show the taste of wearing with leather shoes, highlighting it

Tide suit

Professional attire

This look is suitable for pairing with basic loafers.

Coat + suit + suit + shawl + loafers

Loafers also play a prominent role in personalized styling, the image enhancement effect is obvious, and the layering of coats and suits enhances the aura, but

Sweater shawl

But the matching gives the image a sense of trend and fashion personality, showing the charm of trendy people.

It is suitable for stylish looks with a particularly prominent personality

Or is it

, through decorative elements to bring out the fashion charm.

Pairing loafers with pants

Loafers + cropped pants

Loafers belong

Casual shoes

, Paired with casual pants such as cropped pants, it can set off the dashing image charm, and this temperament is similar to the dress style characteristics of the coat itself.

The cropped pants can still be exposed


, so that the visual sense of the legs becomes better, the proportion of the body has been adjusted unconsciously, and the image advantage can be seen at a glance.

Loafers + trousers

The combination of loafers and trousers is more conventional,

Straight-leg pants


Wide-leg pants

It is more suitable for pairing with loafers, and the outfit looks casual and generous, which can highlight the charm characteristics of mature women.

In this outfit, you can highlight the charm of the image by adjusting the form of the combination of the inner layer, and choose

Light undershirt

High neck undershirt

Wait for the underwear, and then wear it with long pants, so that the effect will be better, even if you layer it, the charm will not be affected.

The combination of loafers and coats can give people a new sense of image, so that the coat becomes not dull and old-fashioned, and the exquisite and fashionable dress can greatly improve the charm, whether it is worn alone or layered, loafers can play a corresponding role.

Master the seasonal fashion elements and become a sophisticated dresser! Don’t play tall, only talk about the most down-to-earth dry goods skills, let you get closer and closer to fashion. Welcome to share fashion insights and insights!

Fringed loafers

Buckle loafers


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