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Nowadays, electric scooters are a very common means of transportation!

However, due to its own structure problems, electric scooters also have many restrictions, such as general endurance, not allowed to drive on the highway, etc., in addition, its requirements for the road surface are also very high, when encountering dirt and gravel roads, it will directly “rest”, and it is easy to make the car lose stability and cause danger.

So… At that time, it is estimated that the person will carry the car and leave.

However, Splach, a foreign electric car company, successfully solved this problem. The company claims to be launching next month with a car called the “Transformer,” a “combination” of a motorcycle and electric scooter, which the company says is suitable for both commuting and off-road adventures.

Splach is a company specializing in electric vehicles, and has launched a variety of functional electric scooters, and the performance of these cars is very resistant, powerful, long mileage… To be honest, after getting to know it, Ji Guojun became more and more interested in this Transformer.

At the first sight of this car, Ji Guojun was attracted by its peculiar appearance, and without looking at the handlebar bracket, it was completely a mini version of a small motorcycle.

The overall shape of the body is neat, the lines are angular, and it is very sci-fi.

Small size, similar to ordinary scooters, parking does not occupy a space.

Two 10-inch off-road large tires, very wild atmosphere, coupled with yellow and black color matching, full of sporty atmosphere, it is very suitable for outdoor riding at a glance.

In addition to the novel appearance, the design of the whole vehicle is also in place!

The overall frame is welded with steel structure, which is strong and durable, and there is a headlight in front of the car to provide lighting, ensuring that the rider can drive safely at night or in dark environments. In addition, the car is also IPX4 waterproof, which can better avoid some sudden splashes on the road.

The front end can be adjusted in height, and the bike can be adjusted according to the current situation, and you can choose to stand or bend over to ride in a “sitting” position.

The left and right sides of the body are supported by foot pedals, and the elastic double suspension and front and rear brakes ensure the stability of the vehicle during driving.

Unlike regular motorcycles, this bike is easy to use, and riders can operate it directly and independently without training. Speaking of which, it is estimated that many people want to know: how does it run?

When it comes to performance, Transformer doesn’t drop the chain either.

For any electric vehicle, the more motor power, the better. No, the car is equipped with a hub motor with a power of 960W, and its strong power can push the car to drive quickly in rough terrain, with a maximum speed of 24 miles per hour (38 km / h), and it only takes 4~6 seconds to start from a standstill, which is still very fast.

In addition, it can handle 28% of the slope angle, which is more than many ordinary electric scooters!

When encountering higher slopes, the feeling of sloshing of the vehicle is very light, thanks to the two large wheels, which can provide better fit and grip for different road conditions, so that the car sticks firmly on the road.

The Transformer is also equipped with a removable battery, which can continue to run about 45 kilometers after each full charge, and the battery life is still quite powerful, in case of running out of power, don’t worry, you can replace the new battery in a few seconds, which is very convenient.

In order to meet the needs of different groups of people, this car also provides some appearance customization services, panel parts and fenders, can be replaced with different colors, there are currently a total of 5 color options, each time you use a different color, just like changing a new car!

All in all, whether it’s a city commute or an outdoor ride, it’s a great way to get around!

According to Splach, this Transformer will be pre-sold on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo on July 5 for 999 US dollars (equivalent to about 6468 yuan), interested friends can pay attention to it.

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