It is often said that men like machinery, and the relationship with cars is innate, in fact, this really makes sense! My standard post-80s (88 years), from the beginning of the understanding of the favorite toy is the car, to later slowly graduated from college, joined the work, very want to have a car of their own! But the traditional idea is to save money to buy a house and start a family first, so the car is getting farther and farther away from me! By the end of 16 years, the family urged to get married, and his girlfriend (you can change her name to daughter-in-law) discussed, planning to get married in May this year, the house is not in time, the daughter-in-law suggested to complete a small goal first “buy your own car”, listened a little moved, and since then began the road of choosing a car! The plan is to buy a family car of about 100,000, but found that 100,000 can be done, the joint venture car is too small, and the domestic one feels unreliable (I hope everyone can understand, it’s all hard-earned money….. Really not unpatriotic)! Then the daughter-in-law suggested to increase the budget, increased it to 150,000, and now it is very tangled, 150,000 plus a little can buy a mid-level car…….. I feel that the car is really a variety of routines, 30,000 sets ….. Forehead!

Car selection experience:

1. Xuanyi, this is a car I saw, and it was also introduced by my friend! To be honest, Xuanyi is really a good car for the family, I tested the 1.8L at that time, and found that the gear change was really smooth, and I didn’t feel a little frustrated, the CVT gearbox is still powerful, it will be a little meat at the beginning, but after the number of revolutions, the power is still enough! I also secretly glanced at the computer under the test drive and showed that the average fuel consumption was 7.8…………. Test drives are all abused, and it is really good to have such fuel consumption! The wheelbase reaches 2700, and the space performance is excellent! With the addition of a wide sofa (seat), it is a pleasure for passengers! But the old man didn’t like it, he felt that the Japanese car iron sheet was too thin, the paint was soft, and it was a small scratch when wiped with his hand, which is indeed the case, so enter the pending table first!

2, Unxella, this is a car that my daughter-in-law fancy, mainly the shape of the bag…………. However, I also studied it carefully, Mazda’s Chuangchi blue sky technology is indeed very good, known as the king, the handling is the first in the 150,000 level! After looking at the car, I feel really too young, not suitable for my age, young people can still drive, plus they are also at home, do not need too much operability, so pass!

3, K3 Langdong, Korean car, beautiful appearance, high configuration! My daughter-in-law is very fond of it, but everyone must know that when riding a horse Chinese Koreans also ride again, so the technology is not much better than domestic production, don’t think about it!

4, Sagitar, this car is too well understood, our unit’s public car is Sagitar, in a word, leather is durable! The German car feels like a combination of Japanese and American comprehensive characteristics, low fuel consumption, high safety, it is more conscientious! The family was also satisfied, but they got tangled again in terms of displacement and color! Originally, I wanted to buy 1.6 naturally aspirated air, because I have always heard that Volkswagen’s turbocharging will burn engine oil, the quality of the naturally aspirated engine is a little more stable, and the later maintenance is also cheap, but after trying 1.4T……… Just crazy want to buy 1.4T, this power difference is really not a little, 1.4T a foot of the throttle can feel the back feeling very strongly, the power is really lever! The price difference is only 10,000, forget it, bite your teeth and buy 1.4T! In terms of color, I am like buying silver, but the daughter-in-law said that white is a little more foreign, enduring, and then there is no then………. (The daughter-in-law’s words are orders, brothers understand)!

Experience with the car:

It has been exactly 10 days since I picked up the car, briefly talk about my feelings in the past few days, and give you brothers a reference!

1. Power: 1.4T power bar, acceleration is very fast, overtaking without pressure! Sitting with 5 people, no pressure, turning on the air conditioning and climbing will be almost the same, but the impact is not much, still very satisfied!

2. Space: Our family belongs to the micro-fat world, my 175cm front driver’s seat is adjusted, and the head is probably a punch away! There is probably 2-3 punches in the back row, there is not much problem with Tajiro’s legs, and if you sit horizontally, there is no problem at all to sit 2 people, and 3 people will be slightly squeezed!

3. Fuel consumption: At present, it is not very much, add a total of 300 yuan of oil, drive 500 kilometers, now the oil lamp is not on, ran once in the suburbs, the rest are pure urban driving, so fuel consumption is still very satisfactory, may be less after the running-in period!

4. Control: I don’t have much experience in this point at present, that is, I feel where to hit, the reverse is still very accurate, full score!

After being verbose for so long, let’s start taking photos!

Very happy, came to pick up the car early in the morning, the eldest sister washed the car so seriously!

Wash up and go home!

Beautiful women out of the bath, ah no, handsome guys out of the bath haha!

Let’s start with a big peng spreading its wings, haha!

Normal one

A 45 degree angle is a must, the most beautiful angle!

LED headlights, shining!

Tie a little red belt and put on a festive painting!

Turn signals


At first, I didn’t believe in this fuel consumption, but now I really believe it…

16-inch big feet, the wheel hub is quite good-looking!

The tires are so loveless, Hankook… I’m speechless!

The taillights are beautiful and still very bright!

230TSI status symbol

Trunk space for home use is completely fine

Why not hydraulics… Why not hydraulics!

Driving to do the interior, the film inside is still there!

One more one

Multi-function steering wheel, big love!

Headlights, this twist is a bit off grade!

The interior of Volkswagen, without too many highlights, and no major problems, is very moderate and homely!

It’s a little smaller… But it can still be used haha!

Air conditioning… Manual, I’m really tired!

The gear handle is very comfortable to the touch and feels very good!

Sunglasses case

The sunroof is not panorama, a little unhappy!

Turn on the button and read the light!

This door… Do not say

Spread your wings unilaterally

The rearview mirror has been adjusted, which is very convenient!

It’s comfortable to step on, ha!

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