Summer brings not only heat, but also annoying mosquitoes. Nasty mosquitoes not only bite the skin and itch, but also spread diseases, so mosquito repellent has become a necessary measure for many people in the summer. And mosquito repellent is common is mosquito lamp and mosquito coil, today we will understand the difference between mosquito lamp and mosquito coil and mosquito lamp brand.

The difference between mosquito killer lamps and mosquito coils

Everyone knows that mosquito coils are poisonous, no matter how much toxic the ingredient contains, but they will kill mosquitoes. Long-term use of mosquito coils, mosquito resistance is also slowly enhanced, some people can not see the effect, so also slowly increase the amount of mosquito coils, but have you found that when mosquitoes absorb mosquito coils for a long time, in fact, they are also constantly absorbing mosquito coils, these medicinal properties will also cause certain harm to the human body.

Most of the active ingredient in mosquito coils (0.2%-0.4%) is pyrethroid, which can have some effects on the human body, which may cause asthma in the short term and cancer in the long term.

On the contrary, the mosquito killer lamp is to kill mosquitoes by physical means, and attract mosquitoes to fly around the mosquito lamp through the mosquito trap lamp inside, so as to use electric shock, sticky catching, scenery and other methods to achieve the effect of killing. After testing, these lights will not cause any harm to the human body, and will not produce toxic gases in this process, especially suitable for families with the elderly and children, and is an essential tool for mosquito control in summer.

Mosquito killer lamp brand collection

Mosquito killer lamp is a mosquito killing equipment that does not need to use any chemical mosquito killing substances, and is a new generation of efficient and environmentally friendly mosquito killing equipment that absorbs foreign advanced technology and then carries out a number of technical improvements. Therefore, many people will buy one to kill mosquitoes, and the better mosquito killer lamp brands on the market are Philips, Greening Road, Jager, Dr. Mosquito, Superman, Yongtong, Mosquito Catcher, Chuangji Weiye, Jiuliang, Thomas and so on.

Through the above small series for the difference between mosquito lamps and mosquito coils and the content of the brand of mosquito killer lamps, everyone knows that the use of mosquito killer lamps to repel mosquitoes is the most environmentally friendly and healthiest way to repel mosquitoes, you may wish to throw away the mosquito coils at home and buy a mosquito lamp.

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