Winter is the season to wear undershirts, but undershirts are not so easy to control, and many people wear a very delicate piece into a warm autumn coat due to improper matching, which is less beautiful.

Wear a undershirt in winter, don’t know how to choose?

So let’s follow in the footsteps of Sister Cat to take a look at this blogger

With these 24 undershirt looks, there’s always something for you.

(1): Adhering to the principle of “tight up and loose bottom”, harmonious and tall

For people who like to be neat, the combination of loose straight bottoms and tight undershirts can be said to be yyds, tight undershirts can have a shrinking effect, naturally raising the personal center of gravity up a lot. The straight loose bottoms hide meat and show long legs, which is more friendly to small girls.

& Undershirt + straight-leg pants

The dark brown undershirt is more gentle and restrained, and it is perfect for creating a simple Korean outfit, so the lower body is matched with a pair of clean white straight-leg pants, which not only brightens the shape, but also makes the matching very Korean elegant texture.

The black leggings are more dull, and the combination with checked straight-leg pants and canvas shoes is more casual, making people become school goddesses in seconds.

White undershirt is more versatile, if you want to go out quickly every day, use it with a pair of suit pants, smart and decent, giving people a simple and generous sense of premium.

& Undershirt + straight long skirt

The combination of undershirt and straight skirt will be more gentle, but different combinations of undershirt and straight skirt will have a very different effect.

The combination of undershirt and off-white shirt is more layered and beautiful, and when paired with dark brown straight legs, the saturation is low and the color scheme is rich, giving people an easy sense of gentleness.

The combination of black square-neck undershirt and brown straight skirt will be more uniform, properly exposing a little skin, not exaggerated and not dull, so that the dark color matching is more flexible and vibrant.

The gray undershirt may be a little old-fashioned, so use a split straight skirt to match, revealing slender legs and bumpy collarbones, sultry and eye-catching.

(2): The hem is tucked into the bottom as much as possible to highlight the waist line and modify the proportion of the figure

The way to tuck the undershirt into the bottom is easy to wear the undershirt out of the “autumn clothes” feeling, so we can in the details

Embellished with some trinkets

, at the same time

Give the undershirt itself a little more design

to make it look more harmonious overall.

Brown undershirt with black straight pants, low-key neat, full of business, and in order to make the match look not monotonous, the details are embellished with a delicate women’s watch, and the sense of style is naturally presented.

The V-neck knitted undershirt, revealing the collarbone, not only sultry but also eases the monotony of the solid color undershirt, and the lower body uses high-waisted suit pants and daddy shoes to match the waistline, easily creating a three-seven ratio.

The combination of a black pipe collar undershirt and skinny jeans will be more layered, and a pair of black Martin boots are used on the feet to match, which not only echoes the black undershirt, but also makes the matching more street-style, and the sense of fashion is naturally revealed.

(3): Adopt a contrasting dressing method to make the matching more eye-catching

The combination of undershirts and bottoms is too basic and low-key and it is easy to be misunderstood, but if you use a contrasting color match to make the whole look more colorful, the overall level of beauty will naturally come out, which will make the more basic undershirt more eye-catching.

• Dark and light color contrast

The combination of brown undershirt and washed blue jeans makes the look both layered and retro and stylish, highlighting the personal aesthetic just right, giving people a minimalist effect.

The combination of light-colored undershirts and dark suit pants is very eye-catching, while the lake-blue undershirt is quite skin-lining, which is particularly friendly to sisters with yellow and black skin and neutral skin.

Black and white color contrast

Black and white color contrast is usually the most classic and attractive choice. The combination of white undershirt and black leather skirt is dashing and handsome, making the style very dashing and sexy of a big woman. The combination of a halterneck white undershirt and black suit pants is smart with a certain degree of care, revealing the collarbone effect, making the black and white combination particularly recognizable and fashionable.

(4): Use skin-revealing or layering to make the matching richer and more layered

Reasonable skin exposure not only makes the undershirt look less monotonous, but also makes the shape look less restrictive and layered beauty.

*Expose knitwear appropriately

The V-neck sweater with balloon sleeve design is very French style, and the washed blue vintage jeans are combined with romantic and gentle and full of temperament. The combination of a square-neck gray sweater and an A-line dress is also elegant and intellectual. If the former combination is more capable and chic, then the latter group of knitwear is more glamorous and sexy, making the knitwear super stylish.

*Layered with knitwear

Layering with knitwear can also have a layered effect. Feel free to use a dark knit as a shawl to match on an off-white sweater, which is both low-key and gentle and layered, and has a very Japanese beauty’s sense of déjà vu.

The use of shirts to layer undershirts is more capable and professional, suitable for daily commuting, and the lower body, whether it is paired with neat straight black pants or suit pants, is elegant and concise, making the rigid business look more fashionable and lively.

24 sets of undershirt styling sharing, worn like this this winter, elegant and high-end temperament “burst”.

Well, so much for this blogger’s knitwear introduction in this issue, do you like these styling of her?

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Text: Li Fei Fat Duck

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