When you stand on the streets full of traffic in the setting sun, looking at the numb and hurried pedestrians, you realize that the day has passed again. Before Tanabata comes, why not think about how to treat yourself?

At this time, you will always pass by those irresistible luxury stores on your way home from work, but you dare not stop in front of the window too much.

Because you have to admit that the exquisite bags displayed inside, they often cost tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. But that doesn’t stop you from craving those bags, buying them but not wanting to contribute to a fast fashion brand that can hit bags in minutes.

But don’t worry, you can always buy a bag that can bring out your unique temperament, and these bags can be won even if you grit your teeth, this is the charm of crowdpacking. Next, let Bemba grow these crowd packs for you!


Delia Bucket Bag camera bag

When you first saw this bag, did it feel a little familiar? In fact, it is somewhat similar to MK’s camera bag, but it has more simple lines and casual design. The bag, called Delia Bucket Bag, is from Yuzefi, of pure British descent.

The brand is quite young, just over two years after its inception, and their talented designers have worked as costume designers at Christopher Kane, who have switched to bags, and the designer has devoted himself to applying his craftsmanship to this super Q bag.

Maybe you are still new to this bag, even the first time you have seen it, but it has set off a chopping frenzy abroad.

And the color-blocking series is a hundred times more difficult to grab than the solid color series, but unfortunately recently even the solid color Delia Bucket Bag has been snapped up by fashionable elves, and the inventory displayed on major e-commerce websites is always sold out, which shows its sought-after~

The most important advantage is that it is versatile in addition to beauty, whether you wear a handsome silhouette suit or a casual T-shirt, it is absolutely stylish and eye-catching when you go out.


Besa Bag Wave Pack

The Besa Bag above is also from low-key gentlemanly England, Roksanda is a London-based fashion house, and even Princess Kate loves their clothes.

This bag is not simple, in addition to adhering to the simple design concept of combining the metal ring with the box-shaped body, it also designed a wavy cross-body strap that resembles a telephone line, making this bag more youthful.

If you don’t know how to match clothes with this bag, you can just look at the following two pictures. Fashionistas are particular about light makeup, and relatively fancy printed dresses with solid colors of Besa Bag look just right, elegant and playful.

And Roksanda also released a new circle bag called Neneh Bag this year, which has passed the 10,000 yuan mark compared to Besa, and it is still a relatively expensive bag.

But given its strong sense of design, this bag has also become a sought-after item as soon as it is released, and it is in stock in minutes.

The simple, boxy silhouette is recognizable by wooden and leather handles.


Grace Bag

Minimalist feng shui bucket bag

The trend of bucket bags has been blowing from last year to today, this Staud Bissett Bag is not willing to follow the flow of the design on the bag, but chose to design a solid color bucket bag with a strong sense of contour, and the body of the bag is also designed with a layer of suede drawstring seal, which can prevent theft without affecting the beauty.

In addition to being very versatile with summer clothes, this Bissett bag can gradually come in handy after autumn, and the jacket that can be worn in layers after autumn, with this minimalist bucket bag is just right, and there will be no heavy feeling of autumn and winter.

The Staud brand is also quite young, having been founded two years ago. And its founders are Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto, former fashion directors of Reformation.

If you don’t like minimalism, then the following new bag this year must be your thing.

In the traditional Bissett bag plus a net pocket, this bag completely changes the look, becomes more casual and adds a touch of leisure and vacation.

Don’t underestimate it, it’s just as versatile as Bissett, and you don’t have to go on vacation, especially with a pure white look, which makes you feel modern and fashionable.

But given that this bag is originally a relatively bright fishnet bag, your clothing matching should tend to be simple and solid colors, otherwise it will give people a fancy and messy feeling.

Staud must be the biggest winner this year, because in addition to the above two bags continue to sell well, the new Grace velvet bag below is also a favorite of personality fairies.

It’s small and delicate, with a silky satin bun and twisted hand strap that is vintage and foreign.

And this bag also collides with The Row’s Ascot cradle bag, but one is small and exquisite, and one is affordable and atmospheric with its own characteristics.

The Row

Ascot Bag cradle handbag

The biggest advantage of The Row, an Ascot Bag cradle handbag, is its large capacity, no stiff silhouette and soft material, making it fit like a treasure chest, including mobile phones, power banks, powders, makeup mirrors, etc.

Shandong Tianhou chose a low-key black satin cradle handbag to match her street-like look, making the overall look exquisite and avant-garde.

The velvet cradle handbag can also highlight the noble temperament of the whole look, making the tough suit look more soft and ladylike.

Danse Lente

PHOEBE Tote Phoebe tote

Danse Lente’s design can be said to be simple and extraordinary, and you can take one to the street to reveal extraordinary taste.

In particular, the handbag, called PHOEBE, is full of geometric beauty and architectural design, and this rotating metal ring that connects the body and the strap is inspired by the binding on the side of the notebook that links the body and the strap.

But it’s a pity that this bag became a series that money can’t buy as soon as it was launched, but don’t worry, you still have a chance to choose Danse Lente and a bucket bag called Lorna is also good.

The other bucket bag named Johnny is also very prominent, the pentagonal body is very eye-catching, and the design of the horseshoe-shaped metal buckle is also very recognizable.

The brand is also from the UK, and here Bemba has to give a thumbs up to the British designer!

Simonetta Ravizza

Hayward plush handbag

Did this furry shopping bag take your heart in a second? In fact, its popularity is still thanks to the supermodel Ken Bean, not long ago she dressed in a casual look with this pink and tender Simonetta Ravizza 2017 autumn and winter new shopping bag was photographed on the street, did not expect that after being circulated on the Internet, it instantly detonated the fashion circle, and fairies rushed to buy this shopping bag, which made this bag completely popular.

But then again, this brand originated from a mink family, and if you are one of the small animal protection people, then it is recommended that you do not choose this fur shopping bag.

This niche brand from New York has also designed shopping bags made of suede and velvet in order to make environmentally friendly bags, which are also worth buying for fairies.

Where to buy these cute drop bags?

We’ve got it all for you!

(Bemba, who sold out, said there was nothing he could do, after all, they were all beautiful!) )


Besa textured-leather shoulder bag

You can buy it here: https://www.net-a-porter.com

Neneh leather tote


Bissett leather bucket bag


The AscotSmall Velvet Hobo Bag

You can buy it here: http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/

Young leather tote


slouchy totebag

It can be bought here: https://www.farfetch.cn

How about these crowdsourcing make your eyes shine? Fashionable and not colliding, exquisite and high-end, I believe you deserve them~ What are your thoughts and questions at the end, remember to share them with us~

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Danse Lente


You can buy it here: https://www.net-a-porter.com

You can buy it here: https://www.net-a-porter.com

You can buy it here: https://www.net-a-porter.com

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