On February 23, some netizens posted photos of encountering Jinsha on the subway on social platforms, calling out that they couldn’t believe it.

Jinsha was secretly photographed on the subway, and the state of the raw picture should be considered very real. Jin Sha was wearing a rainbow pattern sweater, playing with her underwear and disappearing, revealing a pair of 1-meter-long white tender slender long legs.

She wore a high ponytail, a V-neck sweater that exposed her slender neck, sat on the seat and concentrated on playing with her mobile phone, delicate and cute like a girl.

It may be that the temperature in the subway is too high, Jin Sha took off her coat and put it on the side at will, and she didn’t care about falling to the ground. Jinsha’s fashionable and cool attire contrasts well with passers-by wearing down jackets around her, and is particularly conspicuous in the crowd, and the star aura is very prominent.

Many celebrities have the same coat that Jin Sha wears next to him, worth 30,000 yuan, and almost everyone has one. This coat is very picky, and a slender and tall girl will have a strong aura when she wears it, and it seems that Jin Sha is very confident in her figure.

Jin Sha is 39 years old this year, but she is still single and unmarried. Not long ago, she participated in a love show and tried dating an amateur male guest, which attracted the attention of many netizens. However, Jinsha did not choose any male guests in the end, or chose to maintain a single life.

Jin Sha is not only an excellent singer, but also known to everyone as another actor, she also participated in popular variety shows such as “Sister Riding the Wind and Waves” and “I am an Actor 3” last year, so she got more exposure and attention.

As a female star with a certain popularity, Jinsha’s choice of public transportation when traveling can be described as very grounded, which makes many people unexpected.

I wish her a better and better career, a happy and smooth life, and an early search for her true destiny.

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