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I saw this sentence in the book: “Appearance has a shelf life, but temperament does not.” “What can make a woman shine for a lifetime is not the stunning appearance, but the unique temperament. Truly unique women dare to face themselves, accept their own imperfections, do not overly entangle in the evaluation of others, and face life calmly with a beautiful attitude.

A woman’s temperament is difficult to pretend, it is a unique breath that emanates from the inside out. Today, let’s talk about it

Stylish shoe matching for older women


Women of different ages have their own beauty, and the purpose of our dress is to highlight this beauty. For elderly middle-aged women, the style of dressing gradually tends to mature and stable, compared with the fashion personality clothing that is popular every year, middle-aged women are actually more suitable for the classic styles that are popular every year, and the style of wearing is neat and decent, beautiful and harmonious.

Simply put, the so-called “naked boots” refer to the boot style designed near our ankle height, which can emphasize the ankle line of middle-aged women, and then achieve the purpose of modifying the leg shape of middle-aged women. For example, this black naked boots are made of matte leather material, comfortable and high-quality, which can set off the dignified and gorgeous temperament of middle-aged women.

1. Black naked boots are classic and easy to match

The naked boot styles that middle-aged women can choose are actually not limited, and the shoe shape of naked boots does not need to be more complex and redundant design, and the simple and elegant solid color style is the best, and it is more simple and flexible to match. The shape of this black naked boot can perfectly fit the contour of the middle-aged woman’s feet, and the heel design of the block heel subtly increases the proportion of the lower body of the middle-aged woman in the whole body, optimizing the proportion of the middle-aged woman’s outfit.

Black naked boots are actually the best shoes with solid colors, which can be combined with a variety of styles. This black naked boot design is very simple, and the legs are worn with black slim pants, and the two are consistent in color, linking the overall outfit of the middle-aged woman into a unified whole.

2. Brown naked boots are elegant and not monotonous

Compared with black naked boots, brown naked boots tend to be more attractive to women. These brown naked boots are simple but not lacking in design details, and the brown leather upper is embellished with a silver metal strip, which subtly adds visual focus to the entire brown naked boots.

This brown coat jacket is one of the more common coat styles in autumn, the length of the whole coat is designed around the ankles of middle-aged women, and the feet are matched with this dark brown naked boots, which belong to the same color style as the brown coat jacket, and the color layering is very attractive.

3. White naked boots are fresh and age-reducing

If a middle-aged woman wants to create a natural age-reducing effect, then choosing white naked boots is an option that cannot go wrong. The color scheme of white naked boots is very bright, which can effectively brighten the overall outfit of middle-aged women. These naked boots with white panels have a unique personality, which can effectively enhance the fashion of middle-aged women and bring a sense of youthful vitality to middle-aged women.

When middle-aged women choose shoe styles, the comfort of shoes is the most basic pursuit, and on the basis of wearing comfort, it is best to be able to achieve the purpose of modifying the leg shape. The simpler the shape design of shoes, the longer they are often worn, the more versatile our clothing style is, and such shoe styles are the most suitable choice for middle-aged women.

Women who know how to wear are more elegant! This autumn’s popular “naked boots”, 50- and 60-year-old women wear good fashion

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