When it comes to handsome and neutral clothing, how can you get a fur coat! Handsome and cool leather clothing is a must-have artifact for concave styling, the glossy texture is gorgeous and high-class, not only cool, but also very fashionable! I believe that leather coats are the favorite of many cool girls, and it is very versatile to apply leather products to different clothing items, and the application of a leather item in the outfit can immediately enhance the overall sense of fashion!

Queen Letizia of Spain is also very fond of leather clothing, and at the opening ceremony of the recent Spanish exhibition, Queen Letizia wore a bold long leather coat, looking handsome and charming, full of rock fan is very eye-catching!

The 46-year-old Queen Letizia appeared at the exhibition center in Madrid to attend the opening ceremony of the International Contemporary Art Fair, wearing a high-profile and handsome long fur coat to show her unique fashion sense!

This long leather coat looks very handsome and capable, the length of the knee design is very atmospheric, the V-neck and half-sleeve design add a touch of femininity to this handsome leather jacket, the leather jacket looks textured overall, the leather is high-grade and three-dimensional, with a ring metal belt to outline the figure, making the overall outfit more layered, enriching the overall shape, looking neat and generous. Queen Letizia also paired it with a small black handbag, which is delicate and charming, with silver metal pieces to look fashionable!

In order to match this rock ‘n’ roll outfit, Queen Letizia chose a rich look, smoky eyes and well-defined eyelashes look delicate and sophisticated, nude mirror lip stain looks very high-class, and glossy makeup looks very awe-inspiring.

Queen Letizia also chose a new hairstyle, pure black side bangs are very age-reducing, with a pair of small round earrings, very temperamental!

From the side, Queen Letizia is very heroic and tough in a knee-leather coat, and the leather coat can well set off Queen Letizia’s confident and capable temperament, with nude patent leather high heels, it looks very high-class!

Queen Letizia’s love of leather clothing is not limited to handsome leather coats, she has worn trendy items such as leather over-the-knee boots and leather pants.

Queen Letizia wears a cropped leather jacket with black gauze wide-leg pants, and is dressed in pure black with a high-quality texture, handsome and charming!

Leather boots are also Queen Letizia’s favorite, a long black and white linen coat looks smart and atmospheric, with a pair of leather boots to enhance the sense of fashion, is it very professional women’s fierce aura!

Queen Letizia is slender and skinny, and she looks very good in hot fashion leather pants, a burgundy midi coat with a black leggings and leather pants, and black PVC heels!

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