Yes! You are the bad guy! Go away! At half-past eleven o’clock at night, childish, sharp shouts echoed on the street in front of the Mi Shixiang police station. After 10 o’clock at night, an enthusiastic passerby went to the Mishixiang police station to report that a 9-year-old girl and her parents had gone missing on Hushu South Road. After receiving the alarm, Ni Kaiqi, a police officer from the Mishixiang Police Station, rushed to the scene as soon as possible. Although the police call was less than 500 meters from the mouth of the police station’s alley, when Officer Ni arrived, the little girl had already run away in the other direction. Officer Ni hurried to catch up, but as soon as the little girl sitting on the side of the street resting saw Ni Kaiqi, who was dressed in a police uniform and “burly”, approaching, she immediately got up again to “escape” and shouted “bad guys”.

Ni Keqi quickly stopped and stopped the little girl, “Don’t run, I won’t come.” The “burly” Officer Ni retreated and replaced the “amiable” Officer Hu into battle, but the girl was still very resistant and refused to let her approach. A pair of little brothers and sisters passing by enthusiastically helped and slowly guided the little girl to the alley entrance of the police station. The little girl is very close to the passers-by’s brothers and sisters, but as soon as she sees the police approaching, she will be anxious, shouting, and want to escape.

At this time, more than an hour has passed, and the little girl still refuses to cooperate with the police Shumai. So Xiao Huang, an auxiliary police officer who was lying in the bed, was invited to “get out of the horse” and approach the little girl as a passerby’s sister. With his rich experience in coaxing children, Comrade Xiaohuang quickly “turned enemies into friends” with the little girl and won the little girl’s trust. After stabilizing the situation, Xiaohuang pretended to chat with the little girl without a ride to learn about the girl’s information, but the little girl gave an invalid answer, and was unwilling to follow Xiaohuang to the police station for help. In this way, Xiaohuang has been accompanying the little girl on the side of the road, and the little girl also took the initiative to teach Xiaohuang to play interactive games.

Officer Ni called to understand the situation, but Xiaohuang did not dare to easily connect in front of the little girl, an hour later the little girl offered to say that she was a little cold, Xiaohuang seized the opportunity and offered to go to the convenience store next to the police station to buy some food to warm her body, and the little girl agreed. As soon as he arrived at the convenience store, he met Officer Ni wearing Totoro pajamas, and he also took the form of pretending to be a passerby to talk to the little girl. Although the little girl did not yell and run away, she did not pay attention to it.

丨Officer Ni has been a police officer for many years, and the first time he went out in pajamas was when “passers-by” Officer Ni and Xiaohuang were discussing the next step with their eyes, the little girl suddenly shouted her mother outside the convenience store and ran out. It turned out that the girl went out with her mother at night, but she had an argument with her mother, and she ran away by herself when she was angry, and her mother also looked for it all night… Before leaving, the little girl was still a little reluctant to Xiao Huang: “Sister, can I come to you again to play in the future?” “Of course, but only with the consent of Mom and Dad.”

丨The tsundere little girl finally unloaded all her defenses in front of her mother

Police Reminder:

1. Do not let children leave the parents’ line of sight;

2. Do not leave the child to strangers to watch or take away, and when there is no time to take care of the child, give the child to trusted relatives and friends;

3. Do not leave children alone at home, in the store or in the car;

4. Do not let children play outside the door alone, or follow other children out to play without adult supervision;

5. Wear items with family-related information for children;

6. When the child can speak, the child will recite the family phone number, the name of the city and community where he lives, and the name of the family member;

7. Finally, and most importantly, teach your child to call 110 or ask uniformed staff for help.

Source: Ping’an Gongshu

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