Gabion mesh is made of highly corrosion-resistant, high-strength, ductile mild steel wire or PVC-coated steel wire mechanically braided, according to ASTM A 975 and EN10223 standards, the diameter of the mild steel wire used varies according to engineering requirements. Generally between 2.0-4.0mm, the tensile strength of the steel wire is not less than 38kg/m2, the weight of the metal plating is generally higher than 245g/m2, and the edge line diameter of the gabion mesh is generally greater than the diameter of the network wire.

The length of the double-wire stranded part shall not be less than 50mm. to ensure that the metal plating and PVC plating of the stranded part of the steel wire are not damaged.

Characteristics and functions of gabion slope revetment:

(1) Good ecology.

Due to the large voids of gabions, if only gabions are used, it is easy to form a dry and barren environment where plants cannot grow. Therefore, in order for plants to grow early, it is necessary to cover the gabion or fill the gaps, rather than passively waiting for the sediment caused by the flood to accumulate. It is best to use microorganisms and various organisms, under the processing of a long period of time, to form a soft and nutrient-rich topsoil, to achieve the goal of natural circulation of perennial herbs.

(2) Strong water permeability.

The retaining wall made of block gabion stacked, because the filling material in the cage is loose and there are more pores, which can fully ensure the water exchange and regulation function between the river bank and the river water body, stagnate flood and replenish the withering, adjust the water level, enhance the self-purification capacity of the water body, and facilitate the discharge of pore water in the soil after masonry, thereby reducing the groundwater pressure behind the wall. At the same time, once the surface water enters the soil behind the infiltration wall, it can be discharged quickly through the masonry, effectively reducing the groundwater table.

(3) Good impact resistance.

Hexagonal mesh gabions are used as slope protection or retaining wall projects, and the structure has good integrity. According to relevant tests, the impact prevention coefficient of hexagonal net gabion protection project is twice that of the general rock throwing protection project, and when the rock revetment is impacted by the water flow, after the stone is compressed, once the initial movement occurs, the soil of the bank slope is washed away, resulting in damage to the entire protection project. Even if the block stone in the gabion net cushion protection project is displaced, the deformed pad structure will be adjusted to reach a new balance, and the whole will not be damaged, so as to effectively protect the bank slope soil from being damaged.

(4) Good wave resistance.

Due to the existence of a certain gap in the cage filling stone, when the wind wave and the wave peak are beaten, the wave is crushed, reducing the impact of the wave pressure, and when the wind and wave peak retreat, because the box cage has a gap, the vacuum suction of the wind and wave is destroyed, and the damage to the protective project is reduced, and the overall structure can be fine-tuned when the wind and wave force acts, avoiding the shortcomings of cracks in the wall.

(5) Good flexibility.

The raw material of the gabion mesh can be coated hot-dip galvanized mild steel wire, the steel wire that constitutes the grid has a certain strength, is not easy to be pulled off, and the overall strength of the box cage is high. Low carbon steel wire withstands moderate deformation characteristics, can connect all the projects into a whole, without sewing, even if the structure breaks a mesh wire for some reason, it will not affect the integrity of the structure. Especially when affected by the subsidence of the foundation soil or the small deformation of the soil behind the wall, the structure can be fine-tuned for its own adaptability, and there will be no settlement joints due to uneven settlement, and the overall structure will not be damaged. The gabion net protection project is not only low in project cost, but also environmentally friendly, and conducive to the restoration of the natural environment.

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