According to the Notice of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism on Carrying out the Application of Anhui Province’s Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Base (Anhui Cultural Tourism Han [2021] No. 163), after the procedures of application by various units, recommendation by each city, expert review and comprehensive review, it is proposed to designate 100 units including Huanglu Normal School as Anhui Province Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Base, which is hereby made public.

The publicity period is from November 19, 2021 to December 8, 2021. If there is any objection, please report it in writing or by telephone to the Intangible Cultural Heritage Department of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism during the publicity period, and the respondent must provide effective contact information and relevant basis.


Mailing address: Room 1606, Area B, Provincial Government Affairs Building, No. 509 Maanshan Road, Hefei City

Annex: Anhui Province Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Base to be selected for the list

Anhui Province Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritance Base is to be selected for the list

(in no particular order)

Hefei (7)

Huanglu Normal School (Chaohu Folk Song)

Hefei Tie Yanju Academy (Wushan Tie Zi)

Hefei Qinxiang Ming Trading Co., Ltd. (Luzhou earthen pottery firing technique)

Hefei Dahong Fist Research Association (Zhang’s Dahongquan

Feidong County Niumen Hong Boxing Association (Niumen Hong Boxing)

Feidong County Baogong Town Xiaobao Community Villagers Committee (Feidong Yang Snake Lantern)

Feixi Sanhe Ancient Town Culture and Art Exchange Association (Sanhe Feather Fan Making Technique)

Huaibei City (2)

Suixi County Wupu Central School (Shangpai Noodle Plastic)

Suixi County Folk Professional Sizhou Drama Troupe (淮北四州opera)

Bozhou City (3 units)

Bozhou Traditional Huatuo Five Birds Opera Club(华罗五poultry opera)

Bozhou Xiyangzhang Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Bozhou Xiyangpalm)

Bozhou City Qiancheng District Chen Luo Laozu Heart Six in Eight Fa Fist Research Association(陈抟 Old Ancestor Heart Intention Six in Eight Fa Fist)

Suzhou City (2)

Suzhou Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. (Huaibei Bangzi Opera, Sizhou Opera, Pendant Opera)

Dangshan County Performing Arts Co., Ltd. (Siping Diao)

Bengbu City (4)

Yuhui District Macheng Feng Zui Village Joint Stock Economic Cooperative (Bengbu Flower Drum Lantern)

Longzihu District Cultural Center (Wei Diao Huagu Opera)

Anhui Golden Lotus Flower Drum Light Art Troupe Co., Ltd. (Bengbu Flower Drum Light)

Anhui Sizhou Drama Theater Co., Ltd. (Bengbu Flower Drum Light)

Fuyang (7)

Fuyang Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center (Fuyang Embroidery)

Linquan County Chengdong Street Haojie Acrobatic Art School (Linquan Acrobatics)

Anhui Lintan Pen Estate Co., Ltd. (Linquan brush production technology)

Jieshou Weisheng Ancient Kiln Painted Pottery Production and Development Co., Ltd. (Jieshou Painted Pottery Firing Technique)

Jieshou Lu Lihua Painted Pottery Art Co., Ltd. (Jieshou Painted Pottery Firing Technique)

Funan County Cultural Center (Huaihe Qinshu)

Taihe County Qingyin Association (太和清音)

Huainan City (2 units)

Fengtai County Flower Drum Lantern Art Vocational Secondary School (Fengtai Flower Drum Lantern)

Huainan Vocational and Technical College (Fengtai Flower Drum Lantern)

Chuzhou City (6)

Chuzhou Mechanical and Electrical Engineering School (Fengyang Phoenix Painting)

Xiaogangcun Tourism Management Company (Fengyang Folk Song)

Fengyang Flower Drum Art Troupe (Fengyang Flower Drum)

Quanjiao County Jianghai Primary School (Quanjiao Folk Song)

Chuju Ecological Technology Co., Ltd. (Chuju production technology)

Lai’an County Decai Hongyang Drama Troupe (Hongshan Opera)

Lu’an (5)

Anhui Tian Xiaoqin Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. (Linhuai clay sculpture)

Anhui Lanxiangyuan Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (Shucheng small orchid making technique)

Lu’an Jin’an Huangmei Performing Arts Co., Ltd. (Luo and Drum Book)

Anhui Luangua Slice Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (Liu’an Gua Slice Production Technology)

Lu’an Shuyuan Bonsai Art Park (Dabie Mountain Bonsai Technique)

Ma On Shan (3 units)

Dangtu County Experimental School (Dangtu Folk Song)

Hanshan County Cultural Center (including bow play)

Hexian Wu Daofang Art Troupe (East Road Lu Opera)

Wuhu (4)

Wuhu Vocational and Technical College (Wuhu Iron Painting Forging Technique)

Wuhu Yiran Wood Pressed Edible Oil Co., Ltd. (Wuhu County Wood Pressing Oil Production Technology)

Wuhu Senior Vocational and Technical School (Four Seasons Spring Traditional Snack Making Technique)

Wuhu Arts and Crafts Factory (Wuhu Iron Painting Forging Technique)

Xuancheng City (8)

Ningguo Yuntou Shexiang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. (She’s folk songs, She’s marriage customs)

Xuancheng Yuping Wannan Huagu Opera Co., Ltd. (Huagu Play)

Guizhi Primary School (Hand Dragon Dance)

Jixi Huishantang Wood Carving Co., Ltd. (Huizhou Three Eagles)

Jing County Shouyi Humanities Room Four Treasures Co., Ltd. (Xuanbi Production Technique)

Xuanzhou Xuanbi Factory (Xuanbi Making Technique)

Anhui Huishun Hotel Co., Ltd. (Saiqiong Bowl)

Anhui Cao’s Rice Paper Co., Ltd. (rice paper making technology)

Tongling City (3 units)

Shejia Gong Ginger Factory (Tongling White Ginger Making Technique)

Pengqiao Villagers Committee of Zhoutan Town, Suburban (Dongxiang Wushu)

Mudong Villagers Committee of Zhongming Town, Ngee An District (bamboo horse lantern)

Chizhou City (6 units)

Luocheng Village Villagers Committee of Dunshang Street Office, Guichi District (Guichi Folk Song)

Guichi District Dunshang Street Office Shanhu Village Villagers Committee (Chizhou Puppet)

East to Xinxi Villagers Committee of Guangang Town, County (east to Lantern Dance)

Dongzhi County Muta Township Muta Villagers Committee (Ping’an Grass Dragon Lantern)

Shitaime Lianxi Association (石台目旅花)

Qingyang County Jiuhua Yunshui Cultural Tourism Media Co., Ltd. (Qingyang cavity)

Anqing (8)

Anhui Zaifen Huangmei Culture and Art Co., Ltd. (Huangmei Opera)

Anhui Gunanyue Culture Communication Co., Ltd. (Pox pottery firing technique)

Qianshan Xinxin Shuxi Professional Cooperative (Wang He Shuxi)

Yuexi County Tiantou Gao Cavity Drama Club (岳西高cavity)

Anqing Wanjiang Secondary Professional School (Wangjiang Pick Flowers)

Qingcheng Villagers Committee of Shuanggang Town, Tongcheng City (Wangwei Lantern Club)

Qianshan County Jixing Mulberry Paper Development Co., Ltd. (Mulberry Paper Making Technique)

Taihu County Baili Town Hexiang Performing Arts Co., Ltd. (Quzi Opera)

Huangshan (20)

Huangshan University Shihui Carving Co., Ltd. (Huizhou Sandiao)

Huangshan Emblem Carving Culture Co., Ltd. (Huizhou Bamboo Carving)

Huangshan City Erke Lacquer Art Studio (Huizhou Lacquer Decoration Technique)

Tunxi District Cheng’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic (Xin’an Medical)

Tunxi District Zhenghua Huipai Wood Carving Studio (Huizhou Three Eagles)

Huangshan Monkey Hang Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiping Monkey Kui Production Technique)

Huangshan 600 Li Monkey Kui Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (Taiping Monkey Kui Production Technique)

Huangshan District Xinming Wang Lao Er Monkey Kui Tea Processing Base (Taiping Monkey Kui Production Technique)

Huangshan Huizhou Carving Museum (Huizhou Bamboo Carving)

Huangshan Guangming Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (Huangshan Maofeng production technology)

Huangshan Gucheng Yan Co., Ltd. (Inkstone Production Technique)

Huangshan Xiaoxian Huiyun Handicraft Factory (Huimo Production Technique)

Zhenghui Brick Carving Art Research Institute (Huizhou Sandiao)

Xiaoxian Flower Selling Fishing Village Hui Hui Miao Bonsai Professional Cooperative (Huipai Bonsai Technique)

Wan’an Luo Sutra Culture Museum (Wan’an compass making technique, Wu Luheng sundial making technique)

Huangshan Xin’anyuan Organic Tea Development Co., Ltd. (Tunxi Green Tea Making Technique)

Yixian Zhuyitang Three Eagle Craft Co., Ltd. (Huizhou Three Eagle)

Yixian Yishan Graphite Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (Yixian Graphite Tea Production Technology)

Keemun Black Tea Development Co., Ltd. (Keemun Black Tea Making Technique)

Keemun County Keemun Black Tea Industry Co., Ltd. (Keemun black tea making technology)

Guangde City 1 (pcs)

Guangde Wuseigu Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. (Wannan Root Sculpture)

Susong County (2)

Susong County Xinhuangmei Performing Arts Co., Ltd. (Wennan Word)

Susong County Longhe Tea Co., Ltd. (Susong bud making technique)

Provincial units (7)

Anhui Academy of Arts (Flower Drum Lantern, Chaohu Folk Song, Lingbi Pine Forest Horn)

Anhui University (Hui Opera)

Anhui Provincial Song and Dance Theater (Flower Drum Lantern)

Anhui University of Science and Technology (Fengyang Flower Drum)

Anhui Medical University (Huangmei Opera)

Bengbu Medical College (Wei Diao Huagu Play)

Anqing Normal University (Huangmei Opera)

Source: Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

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